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Children's Breakfast Cereals

No description

Charlotte Blake

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Children's Breakfast Cereals

Total Product Concept
Recommendation #2 : Branding
Increase Brand Awareness

MKTG1203: Children's Breakfast Cereals
Increase brand awareness and perceived quality through Advertising
Recommendation #3 : Advertising and Promotion
Expected Product
Describes those attributes, which deliver the benefit and form the core product and fulfills the customers most basic expectations
Augmented Product
The product delivers a bundle of benefits that the buyer may not necessarily require as part of the basic fulfillment of their needs.
Potential Product
Comprises all the possibilities that could become part of the expected or augmented product.
Provides a way of viewing the product as a totality of benefits it provides to the customer.
The Total Product concept is the view of a product in terms of four levels.

This allows the three brands to differentiate themselves from one another and other competition.
Will remain the same for all three cereals regardless of any changes to the product.
Comprises the fundamental benefit that responds to the custom's problem of an unsatisfied need or want.

Core Product
A Hunger-Satisfying meal.

This is quite similar over all the cereals with differences in social and safety benefits.
Recommendation #1:
Coco Pops
Kellogg's invites consumers to interact with their product through the packaging, the use of recipes and additional toys.

This helps Kellogg's differentiate it's product offering from competitors.
Milo Cereal
Uncle Tobys regularly runs competitions and gives away prizes with the purchase of the cereal. This allows consumers to actively get involved with Cheerios.

Provide promotional material that
appeals to kids
Entertaining + Witty > Informative + Dull

Communication is connecting with the target market and promoting the product.
The first step is understanding your target market.

There are four components:

Is often partnered with
visually striking images
and text, the objective is to leave a
lasting impression

Milo utilises co-creation with the whole Milo Brand, primarily through the Milo Drink.

Online websites recommend recipes, such as Milo Brownies.

In order to engage the children consumers as well as the parents, Cheerios needs to utilise co-creation.

Milo also needs to do more to engage it's consumers, so should utilise co-creation more effectively in order to do this.

in particular cereal boxes, for example: "Buy one box, get one Free!".

-Cheerios should copy Coco Pops (and Milo) by including
that entice children on the packaging of Cheerio's boxes.

-Uncle Tobys could copy the American Cheerios and listen to
consumers suggestions
etc via social media. This engages the consumer.
Co-Creation Recommendations
High quality, elegant
and durable.
Colgate Toothpaste
The Core focuses of positioning are:

● How a brand is perceived relative to competitors.

● How it’s brands are seen.

● How the market differentiates it’s offering with similar competing brands.

The brand’s positioning is subject to customer experiences

Stage 1: Segmentation
marketing technique used to divide broad target markets into subsets.

Stage 2: Market targeting
an examination of possible
market segments

Stage 3: Positioning
determining the position that the company wishes to occupy in the minds of buyers
developing a marketing mix to reflect the expectations of the target market segment that in turn reflects the positioning
A collection of symbols:
A logo, slogan, and design, intended to create an image of a differentiated product in the customer’s mind compared with a competitor’s offering
(Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2012).

Developing a mascot like "Coco the Monkey"
Current Coco Pops Mascot
Ambassadors & Celebrity Endorsers
Michael Clark
Endorser for Milo
John Travolta
George Clooney
Jennifer Hawkins
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