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The Journey on Great Titanic: Diary of Margaret Anne Brady

No description

Ashlee Levien

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Journey on Great Titanic: Diary of Margaret Anne Brady

Background Knowledge
Margaret Ann Brady is an orphan in London. Her brother abandoned her in front of the orphanage when she was only eight years old, then headed off to America hoping to get a well-paying job so he can set up a good life for Margaret later on.
Where they are
In the beginning of the story, the main character-Margaret- is at an orphanage called Saint Abernathy's in London.

Then later on in the story, the characters are on the Titanic in the middle of the Atlantic.

At the end of the book, the characters are in America.
When did she write the Diary?
Margaret Ann Brady-or the writer of the diary- wrote it beginning March 28, 1912 to April 20, 1912. The way she shows this in the story is by her wording and the wording of other characters in the story. Also, she mentions having to help Mrs. Carstairs with putting on her slip and other fancy, old fashioned clothing items.
What happens
Margaret is accompanying a woman to America on the RMS Titanic. When the ship is hit by an iceberg, she must try her best to survive. And being a stewardess, this is hard for her. She makes good friends with another steward so he helps her stay safe but is unable to save himself. Margaret then takes a ride on the Carpathia (the rescue ship) to complete the voyage to New York and eventually meets up with her brother, William.
What is it?
The book is a series of journal entries written by a passenger of the RMS Titanic during the time she was on the ship and a little background knowledge about the characters was added to get the story started.
"Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady"
By: Ellen Emerson White
Prezi by Ashlee Levien

The Timeline
to St.
The Titanic
hits an ice-
April 14, 1912
April 18, 1912
The protagonists in this story are:

-Margaret Ann Brady
-She is an orphan who rides on the Titanic as a stewardess for an American lady. Her brother lives in America and she has hopes to travel there and live with him one day when he can afford to bring her down there.

-Mrs. Carstairs
-She is an American lady who takes Margaret to New York. She wants to be accompanied on the Titanic so she goes to the orphanage, meets Margaret and treats her as a maid on the way to America.

-He is a steward on the Titanic who becomes friends with Margaret when they are on the ship.

There are no antagonists in the story.
Margaret is friendly
In the story, Margaret shows her friendly characteristic by:

-Robert is ordered around in the story by other guests of the Titanic. Margaret treats him well and is very kind to him.
-She starts up conversations with other passengers on the Titanic when she is not busy.

Margaret is respectful
In the story, Margaret shows her respectfulness by:

-She is not rude when Mrs. Carstairs tells her what to do.
-She does what she is told when she is asked without arguing
-at the orphanage, she does a lot of chores and she doesn't mind it.

Margaret is caring
In the story, Margaret shows her caring trait by:

-She writes letters to a friend at the orphanage when she is on the Titanic because the friend misses her.
-She goes back onto the ship to look for Robert and make sure he is okay even though she realizes that she could die doing it.
Margaret Ann
Robert is a hard-worker
In the story, Robert shows that he is a hard-worker by:

-He is always serving his guests on the Titanic even when they don't ask him.
-He is a very young boy that works for very little money just because he likes working.
Robert is nice
In the story, Robert shows that he is nice by:

-He sits down and accompanies Margaret every morning for breakfast.
-He tells Margaret how to survive and where to go to get to the lifeboats once she came back for him.
Robert is kind
In the story, Robert shows that he is kind by:

-Telling Margaret every morning that she is beautiful.
-He brings Margaret extra breakfast because she is so nice to him.
The central conflicts are when Margaret is on the Titanic, it hits an iceberg and she ends up choosing between friendship (saving Robert) or saving herself. This is an internal conflict. The other conflict in the story is when Margaret has to fight to survive in the freezing winter oceans. This is an external conflict between man and nature.
The Exposition is when Margaret Ann Brady boards the Titanic as a stewardess for Mrs. Carstairs. She is excited because she hadn't seen her brother in five years and she has never been to America.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Margaret feels the ship hit something and she is beginning to get a little concerned. So she goes down to the boat deck to see people (including the captain) panicking.
The climax of the story is when Margaret finds out that the ship has hit an iceberg and is told that she needs to evacuate the ship immediately. Then she refuses to leave the ship until she finds Robert and makes sure he is alright.
Falling Action
The falling action of the story is when Margaret gets on a lifeboat and rows away from the sunken ship. Her lifeboat is safely headed to New York and she is still in shock from the sinking of her ship. However the lifeboat is filled with ice cold water and all the members aboard are riding very cold and are becoming sick.
The resolution in the story is when Margaret is rescued from her lifeboat along with other members from the Titanic by The Carpathia. That ship then takes them to New York and supplies them with food and water and warmth.
I think that the theme of this story was upsetting and sympathetic. I think this because the author of the story really exaggerates how awful the sinking of the Titanic is. For example, on pages 100-118, she uses very descriptive words such as horrifying, awful, freezing, screams of death, in loving memory of, sorrow, etc. She really makes the story come alive in her writing technique.
The authors purpose for this story was to inform the reader how the story Titanic was such so sad and depressing. She wanted to let us know that hundreds of innocent people died and how lucky the survivors were to have lived through that experience. I think that the author wanted to inform us of the event with a bias from her perspective.

lifeboat rows
away from
the sunken ship
April 15, 1912
boards the
April 10, 1912
Margaret is rescued by the Carpathia
April 16, 1912
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