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Book Report on the book "Uglies"

By: Scott Westerfeld

Emily Heston

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Book Report on the book "Uglies"

By: Scott Westerfeld Uglies Emily Heston Prd. 3 Slide 2:Plot This story is about a girl named Tally she is almost 16 which is a big deal in her world. In Tally's World turning 16 is when you can get a operation that turns you from being a ugly to a very attractive pretty. When you turn a pretty your only job is to party and have fun. But, Tally meets a new friend named Shay. She doesn't know if she wants to turn a pretty. Tally soon realizes that the pretty world is not what she thought it was. When shay runs away, Tally is given a chioce, to find her friend and turn her in or something bad will really happen to her. What choice will Tally make? Slide 3: Setting This story took pace in a whole new world. A world with a ugly ville and a pretty town that was seperating the fun, party, pretties, from the boring, uglies. It also takes place at Garbo Mansion in a hilly part of town. Tally- The main character, who just wants to fit in. Tally is sick of being a normal ugly she is ready to be a popular, pretty. Before Tally can go through her operation she is confronted with a bunch of issues and might have to go through a adventure to get where she wants to go. Slide 4:Major Characters Shay- Tally's new friend who is not sure who she wants to be in there world yet. She runs away and gets her self in trouble. Peris- A guy who has been Tally's best friend sense 12. Peris turned a pretty before Tally and Tally can not wait to be a pretty with Paris. They have been dreaming about the day they were both pretties for ever. Slide 5: Minor characters David- Shays really good friend Sol and Ellie-Tally's old dorm roommates. Rusties littlies New uglies Pretties Slide 6: Rising Action The rising action in this book was Tally Youngblood, her friends have all turned 16, so they have gotten the surgery to turn pretty. Tally crashes a party in new pretty town to try to find her pretty friend, Peris. shes feels dumb after seeing him so pretty, and she feels like a dumb ugly for crashing the party. On the way back from new pretty town, she meets a girl named Shay. Shay is a ugly too, and Shay and Tally hang out. Shay teaches her how to ride a hoverboard, and they sneak out of town together on some nights, but tally starts to notice that shay doesn't like to talk about the pretty surgery. Tally and Shay have the same birthday, so they plan on turning pretty together. then, Shay tells Tally shes going to run away to a place called the smoke. Tally decides not to follow Shay and Tally wants to turn pretty. Shay accepts Tally's choice, but gives Tally a note in a secrete code that tells her directions on how to get to the smoke if she changes her mind. Slide 7- Climax/Conflict Shay and David show Tally how turning a pretty wont just change your looks but also your personality. When Tally's Birthdayday came, shes waited for a long time to get her surgery. then, someone took her away to a place called special circumstances, in there the people are all very pretty, but in cruel, cold ways. Tally gets tooken to Dr. Cables office and Dr. cable questions her about Shay. Tally is forced to either go to the Smoke and betray Shay or never turn a pretty. Tally chooses to betray shay and find the smoke.
Dr. Cable gives her a heart necklace that will track tally . Slide 8: Falling Action: Tally finally found the smokes and met up with Shay.
She meets a guy named David. a guy Shay liked.
but David gives Tally a gift, and Tally thinks David likes her.
Tally likes David after a while, and she throws the tracker into a fire so that she can stay at the smoke forever.
David and Tally kiss, and Tally meets Davids parents.
Davids parents were doctors before and they performed the pretty surgery. The next morning, the smoke is in a lot of chaos. everything messed up, hovercars are everywhere. she gets captured by a special, but she escapes and she gets a hoverboard and flies away. she meets David while hiding in a cave. her and David go and save the other people who used to live in the smoke. when tally and David get to special circumstances, Tally finds out Davids dad is dead (because the specials killed him while trying to mess with his memory) and shay is pretty. tally saves Davids mom, Tally saves Shay, and David saves a guy named Croy. they escape to the rusty ruins, which they call the "new smoke". Davids mom tries to make pills to make the brain lesion go away in the pretties, but Shay refuses to take the pill. so, Tally sacrifices herself and says she will go turn pretty. then, Tally tells Davids mom to force Tally to take the pills once shes pretty. Slide 9: Resolution I realyy enjoyed this book and can not wait to read the other books of this series. I hope every one gets a chance to read this wonderful book! (; Slide 10: Opinion
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