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Copy of Science 8 Periodic Table of Element Poems 2012-2013

Blank version of the "Periodic Table of Element Poems." Only meitnerium (Mt) has any copy (which is fake), so students have a model from which to work.

UriJacoJimmyGonzalo YAY

on 26 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Science 8 Periodic Table of Element Poems 2012-2013

Double click anywhere & add an idea H He Li Be Beryllium
Harmful Solid
Poisoning Destroying Damaging
Beryllium is used in the nuclear industry to make bombs.
Harming Heating Viewing
Helpful Old
Beryllos B C N O F Ne Na Mg Si Al P S Cl Ar K Rb Cs Fr Ca Sr Ba Ra Sc Y Lu Lr Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Ds Rg Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No mathstinksium

smelly, effective

repelling, running, protecting

Mathstinksium is used to keep crocodiles away.

adding, perspiring, teaching

yellow, ancient

mathstinkio The Science 8 Periodic Table of the Element Poems 2012-2013
Click on a chemical symbol to learn more about it.
Or reveal and click "Autoplay" at the bottom right,
for a virtual tour of the elements! by Dr. B. Cp Vanadium
toxic, silver
dyeing, not rusting, bonding
Vanadium is necessary in the diet of rats and chicks.
color changing, killing, manufacturing
strong, metallic
erythrronium By Naomi W Rubidium
Silvery, Soft,
Stimulating, Manufacturing, Making,
Rubidium is used in the manufacture of photocells which is a device that detects light.
Using, Causing, Risking,
Old, Solid,
Rubidio Boron
Semimetallic, Solid,
Cleaning, Manufacturing, Treating
Boron is used in arthritis treating lotions.
Creating, Accumulating, Flying,
Gray, Necessary,
Bor Thallium
Odorless, Toxic
Absorbing, Effecting, Healing
Thallium is used for infrared detectors
Detecting, Benefiting, Poisoning
Solid, Silvery White
Thallium Potassium
Silver, Soft
Reacting, Fertilizing, Creating
Potassium is as easy to cut with a butter knife, just like warm butter.
Using, Making, Exploding
Odorless, Waxy
Kalium "Boron." WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2012. Yttrium
threatening, watching, producing
Yttrium produces the color red in television screens.
shocking, changing, killing
red, natural
Ittrio Chlorine
Useful Safe
Watering Producing Cleansing
Chlorine is used to produce safe drinking water.
Purifying irritating Drinking
Yellow Thin
Cloro Iron
Strong useful
Building infusing shaping
Iron is used to make railroad tracks.
causing making rusting
painful heavy
fer Gold
Gold is used for ear implants and teeth.
Helping, Treating, Watching
Solid, Yellow
Or Iridium.
Silver, White.
Hardening, Creating, Tipping.
The Meter Bar in Paris is 10% Iridium.
Harming, Bearing, Flaming.
Hard, Brittle.
Iridio. Rhenium
Shiny, Sil Silicon
Blue, smart
Building, developing, implanting
Rats require silicon for growth.
Breathing, constructing, storing
hard, fluffy
silicus Uranium
fluorescent, Yellow
Exploding, Electrifying, Harming
Uranium is used in nuclear products such as atomic bombs.
Fueling, Generating, Shining
Green, Bright
Urran Strontium
Red, Bright
Helping, Searching, Rescuing
Flares have strontium in them to help people in danger.
Whaching, Refining, Destroying
Fire, See through
Estronic Neodymium
Silver, Toxic
Nothing, Burning, Irritating
Neodymium is used in very powerful magnets.
Coloring, Lighting, Concentrating
Yellow, Metallic
New Twin Neon
Odorless, Colorless
Advertising, Beaming, Illuminating
Neon gives a reddish orange glow when used in advertising signs
Flickering, Indicating, Bedazzling
Nonreactive, Greek
New Mercury
Hot Silent
Conducting Vaporising Lighting
Mercury vapor is used in street lights and fluorescent lamps.
Making Using Threatening
Silver Liquid
Mercurio Germanium
Electric, Crystalline
Breaking, Protecting, Conducting
Germanium is very important in electronics in computer chips.
irritating , Mirroring, Shocking
Transparent, Metal
Germania By Hailee W Aluminum
Pretty, Shiny
Drinking, Wrapping Looking
You can find Aluminum in mirrors
Filling, Reflecting, Packaging
Beautiful, Thirsty
Aluminium Nitrogen bland, abundant freezing, exploding, curing The Nitrogen compound Nitroglycerin is a key ingredient in TNT refining, fertilizing, poisoning malleable, humorous noxious air Iodine
Toxic Purple
poisoning dissolving adding
Silver Iodide is used in photography.
Salting Irritating Coloring
Solid Non-Metallic
Iod La Molybdenum
silver Solid
Refining lubricating breaking down
Molybdenum important in steel refinement.
shining heating building
White Hard
molybdos Antimony
Toxic Radioactive
Mixing Damaging Hardening
Antimony is a metal substance with a glass look
Making Stimulating Eating
Metal Glass
Antimoine Lanthanum
Hard Silvery White
Seeing Lighting Sickening
Lanthanum is used to make special optical glasses
Hiding Filming Stimulating
Metallic Firm
Latanio Chromium
Toxic, Flammable
Polluting,Melting, Metal
Chromium is used to make hub caps for cars.
Shining, Sparking, Poisoning
Metallic, Silver
Chroma Copper
Shiny, Bronze
Wiring, Beading, Spending
Copper sulphate is used as a
agriculture poison and water purifier
Powering, Testing, Purifying
Metallic, solid
Cuprum Cerium
Silvery Metallic
Lighting Cleaning Reacting
Cerium is found in self cleaning ovens.
Cooking Igniting Smoking
Non Radioactive Solid
Cerio Manganese
Stiff, Essential
Hazarding, Strengthening, Drying
Manganese is in steel and steel is strong.
Improving, Preparing, Resisting
Magnetic, Shiny
Mangan Nickel
white metallic
resisting freshening protecting
Nickel is used for making Nickels.
naming shining making
toxic solid
Nichel Scandium
Metallic Shiny
Flaming Poisoning Lighting
Scandium was used in metal bats
Eroding Discovering Non-melting
Rare Solid
Scandia Cobalt
metallic nutritious
building flying magnetizing
Cobalt is used to make parts for jet engines
harming coloring discovering
solid evil
Cobalto Gallium
silvery non-toxic
alloying handling reflecting
Gallium is used in high-temperature thermometers.
stimulating creating heating
french solid
Gallio by Keenan B by Colby W by Jonquasia W by Dayla W by Alli S by Alex M by Jason M by Max L by Hannah L by Faith G by Alex R by Emma W by Mike M by Sara S By William D by Kailey T by Stanley N by Owen H by Cyrena Z by Maya D by Sean B by Zach H by Sarah M by Faith G Lead
Toxic Quiet
soldering absorbing storing
There’s lead in human bodies and in mine there is about .0710056 grams.
Damaging Effecting Inhaling
Useful Blueish-White
Bly Rhodium

Silver White

Wiring Connecting Sparking

Rhodium is being used in the Michigan Avenue Bridge in Chicago

Sparkling Melting Suspending

Red Resistant


www.webelements.com Fluorine
Small, Hot
Producing, Including, Etching
Fluorine is used in toothpastes and glass.
Drinking, Attacking, Replacing
By Laura Brady Tantalum
bland, raw
Tantalum is found in raido recevers.
Tantale Osmium
Metallic, Solid
Blinding, Writing, Helping
Osmium is used for guiding purposes
Sparkling, Guiding, Damaging
Shiny, Black
Osmio By Stephen Burlone


Strong Beautiful
Electrifying Shocking Rocking
Bismuth can be heated and formed.
Heating Creating Shaking
Intense Mindblowing
Bisemutun Sodium

Shiny Metallic

Producing Preparing Freezing

Sodium Vapor is used in street lights.

Acting Salting Burning
Sturdy Useful

Natrium phosphorus
weird Red
dropping singing swimming
Phosphorus is an element used in match heads.
looking going playing
big long
fosforo (in spanish) Sulfur
pale, light
flashing, fattening, bleaching
Sulfur was used to create a flash for a camera in the olden days.
stinking, smiling, creating
nonmetallic, solid
By Kayla Cast BE Beryllium
Harmful Solid
Poisoning Destroying Damaging
Beryllium is used in the nuclear industry to make bombs.
Harming Heating Viewing
Helpful Old
Beryllos Helium
happy, gassy
blowing welding asphyxiating
Helium is lighter than air, so it is used in party balloons.
Shielding Poisoning Coloring
Ancient Neon
helio Carbon

Hard, Squishy

Driving, Painting, Inking

Carbon is found in Diamonds.

Shining, Mining, Writing

Black, Non-Metallic

Carbo By Amy Couture Lithium
Black Rough
Flying Building Burning
Lithium is used in some aircrafts.
Mixing Using Weighing
Solid Light
Litio Barium
Toxic, Useful
Barium is used in glassmaking.
Bario Cesium
Fourth Opaque
Digesting Exploding Vacuuming
Cesium is used in infared lamps
Reacting Identifying "getting"
Blue Silvery-Gold
Casio Arsenic
steel gray, solid
poisoning, heating, flaking
Arsenic can be used to make rat posion
converting, killing, giving
yellow, hard
Arseniko Tungsten

Electrical Heavy

Manufacturing Lighting Fixing

Tungsten is used in the filament of a light bulb.

Swimming using Fishing

Greyish white

Wolframio selenium
shiny soapy
cooling, cleaning, copying
Selenium is used as a photograph toner.
toning, photographing, bubbling
natural lathering

"Selenium." WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2012.
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