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Shattering Glass

This a presentation of Shattering Glass by Gail Giles

Arman Ahmad

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Shattering Glass

Shattering Glass

There are many themes in the book Shattering Glass by Gail Giles. One of the themes is: Do not trust everybody. Trust can be manipulated to get what someone wants and is very important in the book. Rob used the trust of his peers to get what he wanted, take Simon Glass from being the classes laughing stock to Class Favorite. Rob knew everything about his peers, Young Bobster, Coop and Simon. They don't know anything about Rob.
Gail Giles
Shattering Glass, by Gail GIles takes
place in the present. It takes place in
Texas. Most of the novel takes place in
Brazos Vale High School.
The main character Simon Glass has a man vs. society and a man vs. man conflict in the novel. Two conflicts in the book are Simon Glass vs. his Classmates and Simon Glass vs. Rob. In the beginning of the book, Lance bullies Simon and pushes him to the floor. The whole class joins Lance and taunts Simon and kicks his things all over the place.
Towards to the end of the book, Rob fought with Simon in their "office" (the gym equipment room). Simon reveals Rob's deep dark secret. Both boys fight and it ends on a really violent note.
Gail Giles uses a tremendous amount of stereotypes and biases in Shattering Glass. The high school displays a pure example of stereotypes and biases. Simon Glass is probably the most common target there...
The high school students separate people on the way they look or their style.
Simon was a textbook geek. Skin like the underside of a toad and mushy fat. His pants were too short and his zipper gaped about an inch from the top. And his Fruit of the Looms rode up over his pants in back because he tucked his shirt into his jocks.
The author made the book seem
like that everything would
be okay...until the end of the book,
which is when the author reveals Rob's secret, she creates a violent atmosphere.
...and Mood
Shattering Glass made us feel worried for Simon Glass from the beginning of the book. Simon Glass was bullied as a nerd and when he was popular, started getting cocky with Rob.From time to time, it seemed like Simon was going to get hurt by Rob or someone else because of that.
Symbolism is when you represent something by symbols, or giving them a symbolic meaning. In the book, Gail Giles uses symbolism in many ways. One example of symbolism is how the main character, Simon Glass, represents knowledge. Even though he's a weak, sensitive, and nerdy, he has better knowledge than everyone in the high school. "He's not your friend. He's not my friend, either, but I knew that all along." (Giles 214). This shows that Simon outsmarted the boy who was fooling him all this time.
I feel most empathy for Simon Glass. Empathy means to put yourself in someone else's shoes, and I do want to put myself in Simon's shoes. I would like to take his place and stand up to the bullies he encountered in his life (Rob and Coop). "I'm curious, do you tuck in your shirt into your jocks so it's handy to wipe your ass or what?" (Giles 4). This citation proves that Simon frequently gets bullied and doesn't stand up for himself. I'd like to show the bullies how it feels to be bullied.
The book entitled Shattering Glass by: Gail Giles, Simon Glass is a fat and clumsy nerd who is on the lowest term on the high school social ladder. Simon Glass was easy to hate, such as him wearing his pants to short and having his zipper gaped about 1 inch from the top. It was until he met Rob Haynes, the high school social leader...
Main Character Description
Textbook Geek
Semi popular
My name is Simon Glass, and I'm a "nerdy" high school student. One night it all went downhill. Rob was angry because I had let him win class favorite. He thought he could call all the shots. I knew how to hurt him, hurt him a lot. I said his real name: "Robert Haynes Baddeck, Junior." And Rob was shocked, stunned and confused. I stepped forward to him. I knew more, about his dad. Rob was scared but I still went on. " Quite a story, Rob. What I find so curious is why it went on so long"...
...And Rob said, "Shut Up. Shut Up, Glass, Shut Up." But I wasn't finished. I had put up with him for way too long. " I don't think so. It was a big , big story in the little ole Foley. Man accused by his wife of molesting their son. She divorced it, but it had gone since the kid was eleven." I laughed. "Mom slaps the old man in jail, all but, wow, the kid is now sixteen. How come it went on so long, Rob? Did you..." I paused, then went on, "Like it? Is that why you got riled when Lance called you a faggot?" It was interesting, but then it got out of hand. Rob and Bob swung and struck me with their bats and I could feel my bones breaking. I screamed and I yelled and I squealed.
Author's Purpose
The author's purpose was to entertain teens and young adults with a novel that describes what high school life is like and how it turns out to be. She explains how life can change, in a negative and a positive way.
Change of Main Character's Perspective
Simon's perspective changed from looking up at people and others looking down and laughing at him to being the Class Favorite. At the end of the book, Simon is a different person. He has friends and people laughed with him, not at him.
"Simon Glass was easy to hate....I guess, really we each hated him for a different reason, but we didn't realize it until the day we killed him."
.....Rob acted like he was friends with Simon and actually flipped Simon Glass's life around, but I think he just needed someone to make fun of. Towards the end of the book, Simon figured out Rob's deepest secret, which is his father molested him since he was 9 years old. It turns out Simon dies at the end with a baseball bat, and you know who had control of it.
Gail Giles was born on September
24 1957. She grew up in Texas, moved to Alaska and now back in Texas. She was a English teacher in Texas.
Awards, Honors
Best Books for Young Adults selection, and Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers selection, both American Library Association (ALA), both 2003, both for Shattering Glass
Arman Ahmad, Ahmed Wasir, Amir Mohammed, Nzinga Bentham
This book was written in Young's
perspective. Here, Nzinga wrote her own
version of the story
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