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Japan and Luxembourg

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Elizabeth Harris

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Japan and Luxembourg

Japan's Recreation/Sports
In Japan the Sports that the people in Japan mainly like to do are Martial arts Amatuer Baseball, Baseball, and Kendo( With wooden swords ). More sports that are starting to grow more popular are Tennis, Basketball, Swimming and Volleyball
Japan's Climate
In Japan in spring the average temprature in Tokyo ranges from 13 to 19 degrees Celsius.When the weather gets subtropical in Tokyo humidity count is usually around 64.(The Warm humid continental c count is 1).In winter the climate ranges from 20 degrees to 0 degrees Celsius, and rarely goes below 0 degrees.In summer the average degrees ranges from 26 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. August is the driest month of the year. January is coldest and wettest month of the year. The average rainfall a year is 1435mm.
The Built environment of Japan
The Landscapes of Japan
In Japan the Country is actually really flat in the cities like Tokyo. But besides that their is lots of mountains and hills in other prefectures and states in Japan, like Mount Fuji, and Mount Aino, Mount Kita and Mount Ontake... In Japan the landscapes are really nice, their are cherry blossoms, lots of green hills, and creeks. These landscapes are used in lots of states in Japan. In Japan before you go up to your house the Landscapes have mainly already been made for you before if you live in temples in Japan or work their
What does Japan produce for the world
Japan has produced lots of things for the world. Japan has produced lots of motorized vehicles and mechanical, industrial, technical production. Such as computers, optoelectronics, trains, cars( Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu ) this also includes automobiles. They also produced lots of airplanes. Japan has produced lots of biomedical science inventions for the world to use,
( 11 ). Japan has also manufactured lots of consumer electronics, petrochemicals, shipbuilding,
Japans Location
Japan's location is in the northern hemisphere,it is in Asia,it is northwest of the Pacific ocean, it is southeast of the China Sea, and is east of the Japan Sea.Japan's location from their bordering countries are, East of China, East of Russia and East of North and South Korea
Environmental and Human Characteristics of Japan and Luxembourg
By: Neil. S

The built environment in Japan is focused on residental and buisness development. In Japan the Schools and community are big on educational and recreational areas. Since the population in Japan is one of the biggest populations in the world the and the increase in the past 10 years the houses have increased by 40% percent. Japan is a really modern and country.
Luxembourg's location
Luxembourg is located in east central Europe. It is in the northern hemisphere, and it is also bordered by countries Belgium , France, and Germany. Luxembourg is landlocked, and is 49 to 48 degrees north, and is also 67 degrees east of Australia. The maximum longitude for Luxembourg is 6.530, and maximum latitude 50.180
Luxembourg's Recreation/sport
The sports that people in Luxembourg like to do are Cycling, Hiking, Golf, Soccer, Rugby Union, Tennis, Cricket Athletics, Ice Skating, and Boxing. Athletics is done in summer in Luxembourg, and so is Cycling, Hiking, Golf, Rugby Union and Cricket. Tennis can be played in all seasons, and so can Soccer and Boxing. Tennis, Soccer and Boxing can be played in all season because it can be played indoor or outdoor.
Luxembourg's climate
Luxembourg's temperature ranges from -1 degrees celsius to 23 degrees celsius, and it rarely goes below -8 degrees or above 29 degrees celsius. Average rainfall is 65 mm in August.

Luxembourg's built environment
The built environment of Luxembourg is very interesting. It has 5 towers that are all very big. Houses and apartments are very conjuncted together, and their are lots of them. In some parts of Luxembourg their are hills or walls that have lots of houses on them and their are bridges that connect the two walls or mountains so that you can get across faster.
The Landscape of Luxembourg
The landscape of Luxembourg is very unique. In the city their are rocky areas that go downwards deep and their are bridges that connect the two sides to come over faster like they do with mountains. Near or where the main part of Luxembourg is ( City ), their is not lots of grass but lots of pavement and sidewalks so that people can get around quicker, because Luxembourg is a small country. In some parts of Luxembourg their is lots of grass, and nice trees for the landscape to look good for tourist attractions. Their is lots of rivers and water that is near the city and outside away from the city to.
The production of Luxembourg
Luxembourg has produced lots of things for the world.Luxembourg has produced lots of things for the world, they have produced, Wine, Mineral Water, lots of European quality meats, Dairy Products, Bäckerei vum Séi ( Bread ), Machinery, and lots of others. For technological production, they have produced Multimedia information,communication technologies, and, industrial personal protection equipment. Others that they have produced are shipbuiliding, road transportation, railway, mechanical engineering and architecture.
Environmental and Human characteristics for Luxembourg
The Environmental characteristics of Luxembourg are, their is lots of grass, trees, water, rivers, mountains, hills, plains, and grasslands. The grass effects sports if you are going to play soccer, hockey and other sports. The rivers and water produce water so that it can be cleaned to drink. The mountains and hills are used for mining so that ores can be sold, cleaned and reproduced for people to buy. The plains and grasslands are used for land, so that different people can buy that land or use it to build farms and produce their own crops, fruits and food. In Luxembourg their are lots of environment-
al characteristics.
Japans Environmental and Human Characteristics
The environmental characteristics of Japan are Mountains, Hills, Tree's, Grass, Rocky mountains, Grasslands. The Environmental Characteristics influence the human characteristics,( how ) the rocky mountains and hills influence them because some of them are mined for ores and oil so that the can be reproduced to be sold or be on stock to sell. The Trees are cut down into pieces to build houses, buildings, and others. They also are good for keeping the air clean for good and healthy oxygen. The grasslands are used for land for people who want to build farms and grow their own crops.
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