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Quality for Life Explains: UAE Games Facilitator

Genral, Experts and Judges for the 65 games

Quality for Life

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Quality for Life Explains: UAE Games Facilitator

Quality for Life explains how the Facilitators work in the 100+ Games
What is a Facilitator?
(in under 5 minutes)
of it as
an outcome achievement guide... OR
A facilitator is someone who helps a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan to achieve them without taking a particular position in the discussion. Some facilitator tools will try to assist the group in achieving a consensus on any disagreements that preexist or emerge in the meeting so that it has a strong basis for future action.


A Synergy Creator
one category is...
Facilitators in UAE National Games are split into two categories
Provide Expert Advice
knowledgeable about the game genre, they ensure that learning goals are met within the game session
who is an expert or experienced in his/her field
(and loving every minute...)
Games for Experts are...
Stick to the Budget
Profit or Loss
Food Focus
Sold Out!
Melody Mules
Sink or Swim
Judge of Character
Credit or Debit
Grace Under Pressure
Economy Generator
Calorie Counter
Script it
and many more....
experts in various game genres like Interpersonal Communication, Leadership Roles, Business Management, Music and Creativity and Team Management
provide guidance, conflict resolution and ensure completion of each game
and then there's
is a college student or graduate
General Facilitators ensure that the game runs smoothly and according to the rules. They provide guidance in conflict resolutions and encourage completion of the game. They hand Advice Letters at the end of the game and make sure the game has a satisfactory end.
They can improvise, move with the flow, are flexible, can communicate well, adapt to the situation and stay calm in chaos....
Fun and Challenging
Earn recognition
Network with experts
Looks good on CV
(Why do it?)
so you get the hang by now?
We'll get to the games for General Facilitators in a minute...
but first... what are game genres?
are the
categories for learning goals
Lets take a 360 degree view of all learning out comes in all game genres (targeted for UAE Individuals)
Professional Development
Personal Development
for a whole-individual approach...
Professional development games are aimed in improving UAE Resident performance in the work place, especially the private sector
very important to
apply game environment performance skills to your work setting
for a sustainable HUMAN resource (not fossil fuel anymore!!).
Empower the role of women in the work force and the community...encourage traditional art invest in SME (small and medium sized start ups)
Music and Creativity
Comedy and Theatre...
special talent for nation wide record like Stacking Cups or Cards in the shortest time...Building a Lego Wall, Talking to a Celebrity....
Personal Skills are inherent in all games...
interpersonal and team dynamics are built in all games
financial management
public speaking
Emirati Heritage and Culture
Environmental Awareness
which are about 27 different games to choose from
so back to games for general facilitators...
Family Fun Games
War Zone
Bead Roll
Marshmallow Toss
Dance With Me
Dice Roll
Jump Rope
Team Jump Rope
Role Play
Facial Expression
Rope and Spool
UAE Trivia
4 teams of 4, buzzer and UAE-based questions!
Spelling Contest. Our very own Spelling Bee...
HELLO! How many languages do you know?
Survival Instinct... only 12 people will make it!
can you facilitate those games?
send us an email with your resume
join the free workshop
Show us your
Spirit of the Union
Pride and Patriotism

the Spirit of Giving Back to your Community
Then there is another type of a Expert Facilitator
Judges are Expert Facilitators who are renowned or celebrities in their fields...
they are especially invited to judge and select winners
They help Quality for Life to build criteria for some games
They will network with you
They can also move up the challenge of the game and provide priceless advice
And most importantly
They award prizes as an honor
did we mention the objectives of the UAE National Games?
Promote Loyalty, Patriotism, Creativity and Innovation in Emiratis
The core values of the UAE National Games:
• Reduce biases and stereotypes between the unique UAE Culture and the Expat population.
• Reinforce the history of UAE.
• Promote self-actualization in the Emirati Individual (explained in the next section).
• Develop games that need disciplined practice.
• Develop impulse-based participation games.
• Improve focus and attention to detail.
• Bring out leadership skills
• Direct desirable behavior towards environmental preservation.
• Inculcate team collaboration and effective communication
• Encourage entrepreneurship.
• Provide directions for responsible and pro-active social behavior towards the development of the country.
• Improve confidence and risk taking
• Tap into hidden potential and encourage hiring by government and private sectors
• Add to the spirit and efforts of Watani
The UAE National Games is an especially coordinated and designed effort by Quality for Life to enhance the Knowledge Development efforts of the government to achieve the UAE Vision 2030 way before expected.
Free Professional Development
Newscaster Audition
What's your Story?
Who's on the Phone?
Keep Guessing
Aim and Throw
Adventures on the Magic Carpet
Message to your People
Lego Wall
Bridge Building
Treasure Hunt
Fastest Cup Stacker
Longest Rope
Special Needs Games
Special Needs Games
we will send you the date and venue
designed by Quality for Life
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