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Should America Have Entered World War Two

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dhruv patel

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Should America Have Entered World War Two

Recovering from the great depression
Bombing U.S merchantships
When America was trading with other nations during World War 2 too keep the economy stable german u-boats would sink the ships. Not only would they sink the trading goods they would kill innocent merchants. According to www.history.com “ German forces torpedoed and sank the British-owned ocean liner Lusitaniaon May 7, 1915, killing more than 1,000 people, including 128 Americans. The U.S., under President Woodrow Wilson, demanded reparations and an end to German attacks on all unarmed passenger and merchant ships.” despite knowing that they arent suppose too kill innocent unarmed people Germany sank American trading ships. According to the secondary source photograph a German u-boat sank a merchant ship.

Manslaughter in Germany
During World War 2 Hitler and his army were capturing jewish people,gay,disabled and putting them in concentration camps and killing them painfully. When they enter they are told that work will set you free which was defenitly a lie because almost everyone who went in there didnt come out alive. They were killing the jewish people in the worst ways for example they would burn them alive and throw them in a pit too rot. According too www.history.com it states”the mass murder of some 6 million European Jews (as well as members of some other persecuted groups, such as Gypsies and homosexuals) by the German Nazi regime during the Second World War.” This act of the Germans nearly wiped out the whole Jewish population in the most brutalist ways. According too the primary source picture the people that ented the camps were told a lie from the begining that work sets you free. That was the only hope the people had that if they worked hard enough they would be sent free but they work to their death.

Pearl Harbor
Lets now see the negative side
Should America Have Entered World War Two
By :Dhruv Patel

What were the Pros and Cons of entering WW2
Was it really necessary to enter World War two
While America was in isolation and not getting involved with World War 2 on December 7, 1941 Japan invaded Hawaii. Without a warning or any type of negotiation they came and bombed Pearl Harbor not only killing soldiers and sailors but hundreds of innocent civilians. After the japanese bombed they left us in a economic and a political crisis. According too the secondary source website www.history.com it states “ The Japanese managed to destroy nearly 20 American naval vessels, including eight enormous battleships, and more than 300 airplanes. More than 2,000 Americans soldiers and sailors died in the attack, and another 1,000 were wounded.” The japanese killed many americans and destroyed 8 of the most powerful battleships in America's navy. According to the primary source photograph the bombing was very devastating and expensive to repair. After all this destruction how could America go back to isolation. America also said that they wouldn't enter the war unless they were directly threatened. What more do you need then losing thousands of lives to enter a war.
Cause and effect chart
Timeline of major events in World War 2
America shouldn't have entered the war because it was recovering from the great depression and entering the war would be risking the nations economy and that could have led to a second great depression. by the damage the first depression did going back to that would not be pleasant according to www.history.com it states " entering this war was a economic risk" this proves that the war risked Americas economy

had to make their own gardens so the military could be fed and that proves the the economy was weak and couldn't let everyone buy food
It was Americas fault
Before the war started America cut off helping Japan which was aggravating them. America stopped giving the most needed things that the japaneses needed like oil coal and other resources. America should have know that the japanese would be mad and might fight back. President Truman knew that the japanese were island hopping and wanted the whole Pacific ocean to them self, and Hawaii was a obvious target and he didn't order then the be alert and be on guard. According to www.csmonitor.com it states " issued in December, 1942, exonerated major political figures in Washington, and laid much of the blame for ill-preparedness on the top commanders on scene in Hawaii." This means that the japanese attack on pearl harbor could have been stopped because was one cof the biggest naval bases and if the people were alert the attack could have been stopped with minimum casualties
Not Advanced Enough
While America was in isolation America did not try to inhance their weopanary for war. When America entered World War 2 many of our weapons were from World War 1 and the Germans were like ten Steps ahead of us by making the worlds fastest machine gun. This new weopan left Americas weapons in the dust. According to www.historynet.com it states that " American weapons dated from the first World War and were no match compared to the new
artillery that Germany and its allies had. "American soldiers were more at
home with the horse than with the tank" (Overy 273). The air force was just
as bad if not worse. In September 1939 the Air Corps had only 800 combat
aircrafts again compared with Germany's 3600" this proves that Americwas not advanced enough to enter a war where the enemy had the worlds fastest machine gun.
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