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Geometry Conditional Statements

No description

Anders Carlson

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Geometry Conditional Statements

By The Anders Carlson Conditional Statements If you make some money, then you will want to blow it at the movies. Therefore, if you start making some dough, you will start talking to stuffed animals. If you run away, then people will think you're a wimp. If you go to the movies, then you are going to want to bring a date. If you want to bring a date, then you are going to ask a girl. If you ask a girl, then you are going to get rejected. If you get rejected, then you will feel insecure. If you feel insecure, then you will cake on the make up. If you cake on the make up, then people will mistake you for Snooki If people mistake you for Snooki, then you will get chased by the paparazzi. If you get chased by the paparazzi, then you will hide in a grocery store If you hide in a grocery store, you will start stress eating. If you start stress eating, then you will gain weight. If you gain weight, then you will start to work out. If you start working out, then the hunnies will love you. If the hunnies love you, then all of the guys will want to know your secrets. If you don't tell them your secrets, then they will loathe you If all of the guys loathe you, then they will want to fight you. If they want to fight for honor, then you'll get a black eye. If you didn't get a black eye, then you ran away. If people think you're a wimp, then you won't have any friends If you don't have any friends, then you'll stay home all the time. If you stay home all the time, then you'll need someone to talk to. If you need someone to talk to, you start talking to Hugsie, your bedtime penguin pal.
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