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Goal Six; Technology

NEO A&M College

Brad Henderson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Goal Six; Technology

Double click anywhere & add an idea Technology Goal 6 Members Bethene Fahnestock - Chair Brad Henderson - Co Chair Danny Compton - Co Chair Kim Grimes Mel Huff
Chip Hammons
Brian Sparks
Michelle Shackelford Art Whaley 3 objectives Objective 6.1 Provide state-of-the-art technology for students, faculty, and staff to enhance learning and productivity. service •Ascertain what type of technology is currently being used and what type of technology faculty and staff are desiring for use in their areas
•Establish a standard for classroom technology
•Create a data warehouse to manage data for reports and decision making
•Implement the use of data management software to assist in data queries
•Select a standard survey tool for the campus
•Create a process for approval of surveys and distribution on campus Objective 6.2 Provide a secure environment to protect the personal, academic and professional information. security •Implement and maintain a comprehensive backup system for all NEO Faculty, Staff and Students, regardless of location and network affiliation
•Implement a system designed to verify authenticity of online students’ identities
•Review procedures to maintain security of information when there is no activity for a specified time period or someone leaves their desk, such as the process in which the LRC computers automatically log-off after 5 minutes if there is no activity. Objective 6.3 Provide and maintain an intuitive environment in which all constituents are comfortable with technology. support •Revise the standards for online and hybrid courses
•Provide faculty training in the use of the learning management system for online learning activities
•Conduct focus group activities with students, staff and faculty to garner information about how to improve the online environment for learning activities, such as instructions for using the D2L, Web products, e-mail, Goldkey
•Create virtual training presence on campus. Which could possibly include on tutorials or different applications, Gold Key login, Faculty/Student Web product access, Email login, D2L login and usage, etc. or live help desk.
•Network emergency management functions, such as the fire alarms in the buildings to campus police, and phones in each classroom for emergency use
2 Projects Project 1 --Standardized Multimedia in Classrooms Requires Inventory Inventory of:
1. current hardware
2. current use, skills, & application
3. current goals, direction, & expectations which is why we aren't worried Establish Needs Use Tier System:
Level 1 installation
Level 11 installation
Level 111 installation Project 2 - Online Student Services Create, Maintain, or Improve Services -Online Bookstore (textbooks) -Online Advisors -Online Enrollment
-etc. Remember... Technology is only as good as the user Which is why we aren't worried
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