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Allegorical References in Animal Farm

No description

Bernhard Bruhnke

on 4 August 2017

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Transcript of Allegorical References in Animal Farm

Allegorical References in Animal Farm
Farmer Jones = Tsar Nicholas II
Old Major = Karl Marx
Napoleon = Joseph Stalin
Old Major= Vladimir Lenin
Snowball= Leon Trotsky
The dogs of Jessie and Bluebell = Russian Secret Police (a.k.a. the KGB)
Mr. Frederick (Owner of Pinchfield) = Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany
What is the Bolshevik Revolution? How does it resemble the revolution in Animal Farm?
Boxer = Proletariat/ Working Class
Moses = Russian Orthodox church and Rasputin (the "mystical adviser" to Tsar Nicholas II
Benjamin the Donkey = Orwell
Squealer = Vyacheslaw Motolov. Head of Communist Propoganda
(Pravda. The Russian Newspaper that ironically means "truth")
Mr. Pilkington = Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt
Minimus = Representation of Russian "ART Propoganda"
"The Internationale". Socialist National Anthem

To begin with, What is Allegory?
A story in which the characters
represent historical people or abstract qualities.
EX: Roger Chillingworth representing
evil, vengeance, or "the devil".
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