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Henry the Hexagon and his Journey

No description

Jack McCann

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Henry the Hexagon and his Journey

My Journey
My journey is about my first national shape basketball game.
After the Game
After the game we decided to get some merchandise from the New York Triangles. After that we all decided to go home.

Henry the Hexagon
Hi! My name is Henry the hexagon. I have 6 sides,6 vertices and I have 18 inches long sides with a perimeter of 648. I'm 18 years old and my father's name is Tappy the trapezoid. My mom's name is Hannah and she is a hexagon.
We just arrived at The Madison Square Garden.You probably think it is a square but from the top it looks like a circle.
The Journey Home
Henry the Hexagon and his Journey.
My journey starts with my cab ride to New York City.
I'm playing on my I Square (I Phone) and I'm with my friends Steve the square and Tyler the trapezoid. We are in a cab. Can you tell me what shape the cab looks like? Yeah, that's right it's a rectangle!
We are going to see the New York Triangles
vs the Toronto Rectangles.
Hexagon song
On the way home we decided to get a flight back home to Hexagon land. On the flight we saw Carmelo Anthony and I was surprise that he was coming to Hexagon land.As we were getting close I decided to ask him if he wanted to have a pick-up game at my house? He said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Made by Jack McCann
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