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The cruise ship


clayton roper

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of The cruise ship

The cruise liner Cruise ships are used for pleasure trips and vacations. i like pie redvsblue The cruise ship industry keeps building new ships
just like people are with their clothes, you have to have what's new. Not only that, but they keep refurbishing their
old fleet, eventually retiring them at 15-20 years old. There actual average lifespan of a cruise ship is 30
years old. To make their ships last longer, the ship builders
give the cruise line a maintenance schedule
to stick to. The ships are usually in service for 25-30 years then sold and used for 5-15 more years and then possibly used as a diffrent type of ship a bit longer. The first ocean liner (now called cruise ships) was made in 1901 One of the first(and the most
famos) cruise ship is the Titanic. I One of the first(and most famus)ship is the Titanic. One of the first(and the most famous)ship
was the Titanic. It's design was to ensure that if the hull was breached,then the rest of the ship would stay aflot but that part full of water. But, an iceburg pierced the hull too deep to
use this design and so, the Titanic sunk and
it became biggest tragedy of ocean ship travel of all time. The Titanic was the most populer
"ocean liner".But, an ocean liner would
only take you from one point to another.A cruise ship takes you out and back again to where you first boarded the ship. It was designed so that if a section of the ship's hull was punctured then the rest of the ship would still float but that part would be flooded. The history of the cruise ship is that people would use ships for transportation and exploring.But, the rich demanded the builders for fancier ships for their travel and thus, the cruise ship is born. Nowadays, there are 22 different classes of cruise ships. The bigest of these are the oasis class with the biggest cruise ship in history, the Oasis of the seas. The Oasis of the Seas is one of my favorite classes, but not every one because as I said, there are 22 diffrent classes with different number of ships. The future of the cruise ship/liner is now
trying to build bigger,better ships that out rank the oasis class. Cruise ships are starting to become experiences and not just plain cruises any more. All cruise lines are also getting really competitive by making their ships bigger and better as the years go by. Here is a video of the Disney Cruise ship's brand new water slide. Have fun and we hope you enjoyed our Prezi! :) Credit to,. www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fMcb8cGThI



www.en.wikipedia.org/cruise ship
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