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Unit 17: Events, Conferences and Exhibitions.

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Emma Ward

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Unit 17: Events, Conferences and Exhibitions.

Unit 17: Events, Conferences and Exhibitions.
P4 - Proposing events, Conferences and Marketing

What is a brief?
Elements of a Brief
Clear purpose.
Passed onto the delegates
Considerations for promo material.
Details for communication.
Company history, products and services.
Target Market:
Potential delegates/participants.
Details for communication.
If you were planning my 25th
birthday party, what would you
need to consider?

You have 10 minutes!
Lesson Objective
By the end of the lesson you will be able to:

Understand the role of a customer brief in the process of proposing and planning events.
Understand an organiser's considerations when proposing events for customers.
When planning an event, a customer will approach an organiser with a brief to communicate their needs.
The brief will include essential information regarding the purpose of the event, costing constraints and arrangements to meet the clients needs.
The organiser will use the brief to produce a proposal to present back to the client
You now need to look around the
building (all floors) to find the 7
components of a brief.
Once you have found one per
pair, bring it back to the classroom and write around it what you think it means.
Elements of a Brief
How much money is available?
Budget breakdown.
Facilities Required:
Space, rooms, layout, equipment and services needed.
Specific or flexible?
Delegate numbers:
Minimum number required.
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