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Elliot's Maze Prezi

A funny Prezi

Elliot Langdon

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Elliot's Maze Prezi

I hope you enjoy this Presentation.
Hello, this is a Presentation made by:

This is the center of this Maze. Try and leave the Maze with the clues I give you.
What's the oposit to left,
run that way,
be careful though,
because you might fly away.
Well done, you've come to the next clue.
Forward you go,
then take a right,
don't go too slow,
or there will be a blinding light.
What a clever person you are getting to this clue.
Turn to the left
then take another left,
carry on going,
or else you'll be done for theft.
Are you a Master Mind or something getting to this clue.
Turn left then,
then carry on,
you'll be OK,
if you don't shout you've gone
Are you on your own or are you having help?
Turn right then,
carry on,
don't turn left,
or you won't live long
Finally you've made it here, I thought you'd never make it.
Go right then,
straight ahead,
then go left,
right after that.
Carry on after,
you've gone right,
then go left,
or you'll begin a fight.
Wooooo, you've made it
Here's a little something to say well done! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh no, you have gone the wrong way.
Remember to not
shout out that
you've gone.
Ha Ha Ha
Oh no you went the wrong way.
oops you have gone the wrong way.
oh no not again, why have you gone the wrong way.
What took you so long I thought you had gone back to the beginning.
Oh no you went the wrong way.
Thank you For watching this Prezi Presentation.
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