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Copy of Touching Spirit Bear: Cole Matthews a Dynamic Character

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Tony Yip

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Touching Spirit Bear: Cole Matthews a Dynamic Character

Introduction Cole has experienced numerous changes throughout the story. His incident regarding the Spirit Bear has provoked a sudden development in his propriety. Three enormous attitude evolutions crossed Cole's path during his stay on the isolated Alaskan island. These changes include his behavior towards his parents, the Tlingit way of healing and his feeling towards Peter Driscal. Touching Spirit Bear: The changes of Cole Matthews A novel by Ben Mikaelsen By: Kevin and Anastassia Conclusion Ultimatly, Cole drastically altered his comportement towards not only himself but towards his surroundings. Before, Cole possesed a certain overpowering amount of resentment towards the peculiar way of healing the Tlingit way. Not only this, his parents have played a great role in his growth to become a better person by realizing their mistakes. In the beggining of the book Cole finds the need to blame Peter for his own actions and saught out his revenge by brutally injuring the helpless geek. Numerous lessns have been revealed by Cole and the people environing him. Experience #1 Before

At the commencement of the book;Cole felt that the whole idea of the native healing was just a joke; or a game that should and must be won. He never once thought than maybe he would learn from his mistakes instead of letting them get the best of him. He had no conpasion towards anything in his life before, he believed that he
was alone in this treturous world, that no one cared about him. It cause a great affect in his life, he comited the worst of crimes ans blamed others.
(14) After Later in this book Cole realizes that this exclusive way of healing was the seeming way to forgive ones self and help others as making up for ones mistake. He understands that rotting in jail won't solve his problems the way the healing process has. Later he finally realizes that the dances of animals has shown him how to respect nature and his environment. Also, he gets to see how every creature survives and lives. (207,208) Experience #2 Before In the commencement of the book Cole makes it clear that he has an extreme resentment towards his parents. Cole has a father that beats him and a mother that does not even raise an eyebrow during Cole's numerous assaults. Cole's father is a compulsive lier and openly lies about being a loving parent that supports his child at the circle justice meeting. "We have donated our lives to Cole-." Cole blames them for all of his problems and thinks that they are the absolute worst for putting him on the island even though they had nothing to do with it. After Towards the end of the book, Cole doesn't have the same stricking resentment towards his family. After learning that his mom started to change her deffenition of right, quit drinking and evn willing to start a new life with Cole, Cole openes up his feelings and believes that there's someone who cares about him. Cole's attitude towards his father has become mutual on numerous accounts. After learning that he filed custody of Cole, Cole didn't have the same amount of fear in his eyes. Of course he was thrilled with the story that his father bailed out of jail, but notheless, he somehow understood the situation that occured and considered the facts that his father was beaten before, that his anger wasn't centered around Cole.
(117) Before Cole clearly believed that all the troubles has been Peters fault. If he hadn't become a part of Cole's life, sticking his nose everywhere he wouldn't have deserved getting beat up. Cole also believes that Peter is completely at fault for his banishment because "This whole thing wouldn't have ever happend it Peter just could have kept his mouth shut." (40) Cole also believes that "If Peter could have defended himself he would not have gotten hurt."(8) Experience #3 After At the end of the book Cole finally realizes that he is not able to heal himself until he aids Peter in his mental healing process. Cole asks Edwin if it was possible for Peter to come to the island to help him heal but Edwin does not believe that Peter would ever want to spend any time with the boy that almost killed him. Cole admits that he wanted to heal all along but he just could not find it in himself. Towards the beginning of the novel Cole felt the absolute need to assume that the Tlingit way of healing is some uninforsed, malocromatic, silly idea that has a very simple meaning, whether its embarassment or plain stupidity, its a pointless waste of time. Once Cole got into the whole process, he came to the assesment that these variety of activities can really help him in acheiving a well being and teach him virtues that kail cannot. Change #1 Change # 3 It never occured to Cole that beating up Peter was his fault. The thought never penetrated his mind that beating up Peter was not the answer but just a resentment that Peter tattled on him. Coming to his sences Cole learns to grasp that situation understanding its consiquences and that if he doesn't find the will to accept that he's at fault nothing will change. Change # 2 Cole's parents played a big role in Cole's attitude, in the beginning Cole found the need to resent his parents, whether it was Cole's father who couldn't stop beating him or Cole's mother who payed no attention to his life, Cole couldn't stand them. In the end his mother made changes in her life, and let Cole be a part of it. As for Cole's father, he did file custody of him but that did no affect on Cole's well being. The end
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