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Powerful Empire of Ethiopia

Brenna Meier

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Songhai

Songhai Location Physical Features People's Culture Agriculture Songhai had powerful kings with
assistants called griots Lasted from 1490-1590 Gulf of New Guinea Songhai became the most powerful empire after Mali which was ruled by Mansa Musa. Songhai is located in Eastern Africa by the New Guinea Gulf. The neighboring empire of Timbuktu is just north of Songhai. The Niger River runs directly through the Songhai Empire and continues to the ocean. Economy The determination of the economy was based on the caste system of Songhai. Their government had unions similar to todays. Fishing was a major part of agriculture for Songhai. They traded their crops, horses, and slaves including women and children. Lake Faguibine The Sahel
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