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Formative Assessment Overview

No description

Brendan Csaposs

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Formative Assessment Overview

An Intro to Formative Assessment at RSSP!
Overview: What is Formative Assessment and Why is it Important?
There are 4 Keys to Formative Assessment (we'll focus on one today).
Hot Topic--> What does this mean for planning expectations??
Formative Assessment at RSSP in 2013-2014!
Temperature Check on Objective 1
"Articulate overarching structure of the Formative Assessment cycle at RSSP."

How are we feeling?
Think about a GPS...
Would you rather....
A GPS that tells you if you're on course every couple of hours?
Or a GPS that constantly updates you?
• Articulate
"Ah-Ha's" and Support Needs for formative assessment.
Compare/contrast Assessment of and for Learning.
Describe the overarching structure of the formative assessment cycle at RSSP.
Data-Driven Instruction at it's Essence!
All in a Data-Driven Culture!
(this is our focus today)
Will occur weekly.
Part of a 5-week long assessment cycle (Unit)
4 Weekly Assessments in Cycle:
Week 1: Phonics
Week 2: Passage Work
Week 3: Phonics
Week 4: Writing
Week 1: Perf. Task
Week 2: Math Facts
Week 3: Perf. Task
Week 4: Math Facts
4 Weekly Assessments in Cycle:
Week 1: Lang. Board/ P.W.
Week 2: Constr. Response
Week 3: Lang. Board/ P.W.
Week 4: Performance Task
Week 1: Performance Task
Week 2: Math Board
Week 3: Constr. Response
Week 4: Math Board
Week 5: Unit Assessment (Tests all
objectives from 4 week cycle
Week 5: Unit Assessment (Tests all
objectives from 4 week cycle.
Structure Continued
Objectives will be packaged in 2-week "mini units"
Test same objectives in open-ended and MC format
Week 5!
Tuesday thru Friday--> Reteach/Extend
Monday--> Unit Assessment
Backwards Planning
Use your Long-Term Plan (more on this later)
Create final assessment for Unit
Create weekly formative assessments
Unit 1:
Plans (LTP, Unit, F.A.)will be due by end of Summer PD
Unit 2:
Planning will happen together during Data Days
Unit 3 and Beyond!
1st Draft Plans will be due by end of week,
2 weeks before next Unit begins
Formative Assessment data analysis will be part of coaching conversations
Brendan will be pushing into CPT on Fridays for analysis and action-planning.
"Formative Assessment Office Hours" will be available afterschool on Tuesday
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