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Untitled Prezi

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Ruthanne DeGrange

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Oxicontin The #1 Killer...
Drug In America DEAD
END EXTRA!EXTRA! 1. If you abuse Oxycontin during pregnancy,
Your Newborn(s) is(are) ADDICTED!
2.Oxycontin causes an estimated 1,000 deaths
per year!
3. Oxycontin, can also be called Oxycodone, for
prescription purposes.
4. To get high off of Oxycontin, you only need
a minimum of 20mg.
5. Oxycontin has almost an identical
chemical makeup! What are the long term effects of
Oxycontin? Heart infection,
boils, scarred veins,
HIV, AIDS,Hepatitis B and C,
liver disease, kidney disease,
arthritis, and continuous miscarriages. What is the effect of
abusing Oxycontin? You cant feel physical pain, lessens
anxiety,and it slows the
respiratory system.
(Making the abuser feel slightly
drowsy when first taken) How is it used? Oxycontin abusers, can crush the tablet,
shoot it up their nose, inject it, and put it into water to drink it. Putting the crushed tablet
in the water can slow the affect of the drug down, but crushing it, you can take a
life-threatening overdose. Oxycontin, comes in a pill form. Oxycontin is a prescribed drug, that you can overdose on easily. It comes in several colors, and sizes. How Much Does
It Cost? Oxycontin costs
about 1$ Per milligram! What are the street names of Oxycontin? Cotton,
Hillbilly Heroin,
Poor-Man Pills,
and Blue. The Road To Recovery What does it
look like? Psychological effects it can give a user are, Dizziness, confusion, high dependency, and depression. Physical effects it can give the user are, Constipation, nausea, coma, and What Was Oxycontin Designed for? Oxycontin, was designed as
a pain reliever, and for Cancer patients. It is able to contact the nerves in the brain, to slow reaction time. The drug was first discovered in 1995. DEATH. by: Ruthanne DeGrange
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