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Florian Muller

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of History

Key numbers
Brands portfolio
Figures Commitment
Introduction Spirits Markets

Wise driking
RSE Engagement
Stock exchange

Make minors and young people aware of the risks linked to excessive or inapropriete alcohol consumtion

Promote sustainable agriculture and preserve biodyversity

Contribute to the development of local comunities like economic development , entrepreneurship , sharing of cultures .

First world application for
responsible drinking


37 languages

Promote responsible drinking

Good position
- 2,6% of payroll invested in training

- 41 % of external hires are women

- 96 % of production sites are certified iso 14001

1) Brands : Comprehensive portfolio of international Premium brands

2) Premiumisation and innovation

3) Decentralization

4) The culture

5) Ethics : every employees is an ambassador
- 101 production sites

- 18523 employees in 80 countries

- Net sales 2013 represents 7,945 millions

Three Keys Drivers :
- Premiumisation - Innovation - Digitization
- Pernod Ricard is 1st in France about international groups ( +2% of turnover in France

- Trends are moving :
Wine and Spirit consumption stagnates
2013 small decrease of 0,3% of consumption

- They want hight quality
- The share value increases slowlier than the last 3 years

- Economic situation complicated all around the world

- China growth slowing down = forces Pernod Ricard to adopt a new tactical assel allocation

- Degradation of many currencies in front of euro have been a huge deteriorating factor

Preserve water resources
Encourage partners to respect sustinaible develoment principes
Fight against Drink Driving
Dissuade pregnant women for drinking
Promote diversity and relationship based on mutual trustand respect
Inform all employees of Pernod Ricard's CSR Commitment
Expect our leaders to leads by example
The Gutenberg Project
Innovation days 2014
Design and a true boost for spirit consumption
Groups brands are well positioned

- To celebrate the concept of origin and cultural heritage " Australia's longest table reserve "

- The growing opportunity in consumption during meals

There is 2 different trends of the market :
- The assomption of the female category
- Vodka OZ , a Partnership with " land of OZ"
Target : Nigeria , Kenya, Angola
Increase of the hight and middle range ( Chivas, Absolut , Martell )
Target : Columbia , Chile and Peru

Concerning Western Europe

Concerning Eastern Europe
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