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Managing a Social Media Crisis

An analysis of Domino's and Amazon crises including best practices for social media management

Kelley Bertoli

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Managing a Social Media Crisis

Quickly sprung into action

Issued an apology

Leveraged help of
still-loyal customers
Portrayed true sincerity

Backed their words with actions
Responded to crisis on same channel

Optimized apology video alongside offending video
Two of Domino's employees post prank video on YouTube

Video goes viral, temporarily damaging brand
Managing a Social Media Crisis
By: Kelley Bertoli
Domino's Mistakes
Began with a single blog post

Issue quickly started trending on Twitter

15 tweets per second using
No social media presence
Slow to issue a response
to the public
Assumed they had automatic credibility

Ignored public outrage
Took too long to address the issue

Limited social media presence
Insisted it was just a "glitch"

No apology
And worst of all...


1. Domino's - Employee YouTube prank

2. Amazon - Blog post goes viral on Twitter

3. How do we manage a social media crisis?
1. Gather all information.
2. Response is key - Respond where crisis broke first.
3. Proactively open a channel for dialogue.
4. Utilize social media listening software.
5. Develop a listening protocol.
6. Explain the actions the company is going to take.
7. Create list of blog/blog authors who cover your company.
8. Reach out individually to influencers.
9. Document all elements of the crisis.
10. Have a social media plan in place.
Had the company's president personally issue response video
Explained the measures that were being taken to correct the situation
Thank you!
How do we manage a social media crisis?
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