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Carmen Rodriguez

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of MADONNA

Take a CLOSER look Her world in a NUTSHELL Who is Madonna? -singer, song writer, actress, performer, model, and entrepreneur
- strong catholic background
- tragedy strikes
- 'a woman of the ages!' The PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE How it all BEGAN... MADONNA's Empire COMING SOON AT A STADIUM NEAR YOU... BRAND SPECTRUM Madonna's brand is diverse and offers a wide range of products that caters to her fans. Those who love her will want to have everything she puts out to the market. her...VISION To become the world’s foremost female performer. her... MISSION “To capitalize on her musical career's success to develop and expand her presence around the world.” SWOT Analysis Controversies SWOT Analysis
• Other businesses areas to explore
• Reinvention; image, brand, strategies
• New ventures
• New partnerships
• New technologies, social media.
• Catering to loyal fans Financial Peaks Financial Lows ALBUM SALES
• Online music piracy
• Overall music sales declines
• World Economy
• New entrants to Music industry
• New generation of fans and
New generation music styles
• Controversies What she's doing NOW... Where she can GO... WEAKNESSES (INTERNAL) Lack of Talent Age Personality Leadership skills Talent Adaptation Powerful image Business relationships Management style Team spirit High standards Worldwide recognition OPPORTUNITIES (EXTERNAL) THREATS (EXTERNAL) STRENGTHS (INTERNAL) Comparison Chart Date - Artist - Title - % Decline - Debut Units - 2nd Week

April 21, 2012 - Madonna, MDNA - 86.70% (from $359,000 to $46,000 at No. 8) June 18, 2011 - Lady Gaga, Born This Way - 84.28% (from $1.11 million to $174,000 at No. 1)

In 2008, Madonna loses out to Beyonce Knowles in highest paid pop stars list, according to Forbes Magazine

In Nov. 2008, Madonna pays Guy Ritchie $76 million in her divorce settlement. -Relentless self-drive
-Clear Vision
-Starting from the Bottom-Up
-Threats and Opportunities
-Album Drop & hold on Market
-Fame Net Worth Global Tour Clothing Line Smirnoff True Blue MDNA Tour Trends
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