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Mood and Tone in Literaure

No description

Lori Jordan

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Mood and Tone in Literaure

Mood and Tone in Literature
Topic Mood and Tone:
Mood is how YOU, the reader, feel while reading a piece of literature
What was the mood of the piece?
This is all about the AUTHOR and how he/she feels about his character or the events, or the subject in the story
How would you describe the tone [attitude] of this author toward Larry?
a. Angry
b. Detached
c. Sympathetic


This can be a wide range of emotions including happy, worried, sad, frightened, excited, or hopeful.
Mood is ME, How do I feel when reading
Does the author like or dislike the character? How do you know?
Donovan and Larry were early for baseball practice. They decided to run up and down the bleachers to exercise before the rest of the team arrived.
Larry was first to the top. He whispered to Donovan, “Look over there.” He pointed to a man sleeping on the highest, narrow bench of the bleachers. His pants and shirt were faded, worn, and too large for his thin frame. One big toe stuck out of a huge hole in his sock. His scraped-up shoes sat a few feet away.
Donovan whispered, “We should help him out. Let’s hide something good in his shoes. Then, when he wakes up, he will have a nice surprise.”

Tone is how the AUTHOR feels about his characters or the topic of the written piece
During the holidays, my mother's house glittered with decorations and hummed with preparations. We ate cookies and drank cider while we helped her wrap bright packages and trim the tree. We felt warm and excited, listening to Christmas carols and even singing along sometimes. We would tease each other about our terrible voices and then sing even louder.
Here is an example of mood:

This must be inferred from the word choices or how the author portrays the events in the story
Does he portray the subject in a positive or negative light? What word choices did he use to accomplish this
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