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Copy of 30 Things About Me

All About Brooke Ahrens- I used this presentation as an icebreaker to introduce myself to my classes this year.

Holly Garavel

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of 30 Things About Me

My 1st job was at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
I have been teaching in Newington for 30 years!! This is my 5th year at JWMS and 2nd year in the Academy!
My two children are all grown up!
I live in West Hartford.
Going on long walks and riding my bike are two of my favorite things! This summer I was lucky to spend 2 weeks in the Pacific Northwest!! Washington, Oregon, and California have beautiful spots!
My dog's name is Maggie!! She is 14 years old and quite a character! Can you guess what kind she is?
STARLAB is a magical place that I have used for the last 20 years. Thousands of students have crawled in with me to learn about the night sky!
I love to read... vampires now
I love sunsets any
season!! The sun,
moon, and stars
are my favorite!
homework 20%
projects/lab 35%
tests /quiz 45%
. Po
wer School
- where you can check your
child 's schedule and current grades.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM!! An exciting new way to
get and complete assignments with the Chromebooks

Learning, discovering, sharing....
I was born in Fordyce, Arkansas
Michael graduated from The University of Colorado!! He is a jazz trumpet player!
Paula is 27 and lives in Rocky Hill!!
1986-2002 Anna Reynolds School
2002-2013 Science Resource Teacher
I graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas!
During that time I traveled to Japan and lived as an exchange student in Fukuoka!
10 Things About Ms Garavel

I moved to Connecticut in 1981
and have lived here ever since!
I have 1 sister and 2 brothers! They all live in Arkansas and Mississippi!
I love being a teacher in the Aerospace and Engineering
Academy!! So excited to welcome you here!

Things YOU need to
know about your 6th
grader in SCIENCE
The Daily Schedule

8:12-9:34 ENCORE
9:36-10:36 Period 1
10:38-11:38 Period 2
11:40-12:15 REACH
12:16-12:41 Lunch
12:44-1:44- Period 3
1:45-2:45 Period 4

. Each day
is from 8:12-9:34 (STEM. ART, Wellness, Music, Spanish)
They will stay with their ENCORE class the entire year.

happens everyday at 11:40 (Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Intervention)

4. Homework - Students are responsible for keeping their planner up
to date with assignments in each class. I always post homework on the
board. Homework is checked each day by me or taken up for grading.
A homework grade in power school is given each week.

5. Grading - Power School allows you to check the status of your child's
grades and assignments. The grading scale used by 6th grade science
teachers is 45% tests, 35% quiz and projects, 20% homework.

Units of Study ~ 6th Grade Science
. Lab Safety/Measurement
. Ecosystems

. Weather

. Matter/Chemistry
8. Grading
Homework 20%
Quiz/Labs 35%
Tests 45%

9. Other Science Opportunities:
Mission Possible

Homework 20%
Quiz/labs 35%
Tests 45%
9. Power School
I am discovering this is a wonderful age!! 6th graders are full of curiosity and are eager to learn. Encourage them to explore the outdoors, watch the Discovery Channel, keep track of science in the news, and continue to ask questions!! They make coming to work fun!!! I look forward to our year together!!
I am discovering that 6th graders are delightful!! They are eager learners and have a great curiosity for science. Please encourage them to always ask why, spend more time
outside observing the Earth, notice science in the news and come to class prepared to work, be challenged and wonder. They make coming to work fun!! I look forward to our year together!

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ~ Albert Einstein
Google Classroom is a format your children have some experience with and are learning each day. I will usethroughout the year for assignments and lessons.
10 Things About Ms GARAVEL
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