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L2- 4.1 I need a change

4 different people who need a change. should, and at the end use the same verb and vocab, go over (want to) reduced wana-only before a verb

Go English Live

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of L2- 4.1 I need a change

Support staff,

Jeniffer Montes Pineda
Luisa Fernanda Bustamante
Juliana Tabares
Erika Sanchez
Tactics and strategies
Two Routes
I need a change
People's Attitudes
Conferences and
Diffusion of
Question at disabilities people about attitudes
around them, after and before of the campaign.
Question at people without disabilities about their perception about disabilities people, after and before of the campaign.
Mobility at the University
Administrative staff
Universal design
Equality to avoid Pity
The people has to know that the University was not correctly designed for a people with a disability.
Refers to ideas means to produce building, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities and people with disabilities

We are going to do activities to raise awareness of the situation of the people with disabilities.
People with disabilities should have the same rights and opportunities as everyone
Dropped curb
Time scale
Throughout one semester.
When you see a person with physical disabilities, first think before to act. These people have been affected by the attitudes and words for the other persons all their life.

Here is shown some words to use in this case:

Disabled: person with disabilities
Dwarf: person of low height.
Blind: visually impaired person
Lame: person with reduced mobility.
Low-floor bus
Equality to avoid Pity
Any person may have a disability, your kids your parents, your friends, and your own.
Disabled people require more than compassion, understanding, rather than understanding,
equality of opportunity, even more than opportunities, effective support of the state and civil society in order to realize their social integration.

15 signs you need to make a change in life
Awareness posters
The architectural accessibility, urban and transport is a basic right for people with disabilities. In this sense we can highlight two areas, external mobility (public transport and access to buildings) and internal mobility (within buildings).
The public transport system is inaccessible and discriminatory.
Buildings without handles, curbs and handrails.
Buildings without access space, wide doors.
Buildings without elevators, Wheelchair ramps, audio and video information and Braille tactile surfaces.
Refers to orientation processes using environmental information
Universal design principles
Equitable use.
Flexibility in use.
Use simple.
Personalized information.
Error tolerance.
Low physical effort
Size and space.





Solutions for discrimination
1 - Adjust the training of staff and management of services.
2 - Incorporate disability variable in university planning.
3 - Provide updated information to the public that is accessible to all.
4 - Ensure the participation of activities of persons with disabilities.
They need to be included in the university activities
Sports (physical activities)
Equality should not be
understood like
Is respect
for differences.
Do not feel pity for
the disabled people,
they are person
just like you.
Admininstratives jobs
University welfare with special tutors
Special programs for them
I need a change
1. You hate your job
2. Your have the same routine everyday
3. You don´t enjoy going out anymore
4. You can´t remember the last time you did something nice for yourself
5. You find your city boring
6. You haven´t gone on a date for a long time
7. You do things you don't like to do all the time
8. You spend more time on the internet than with people
9. You feel out of shape
10. Many things remind you of bad past experiences
11. Y feel like all your friends are getting their act together except you
12. You have been complaining about the same things for years
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