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MakersFactory in Santa Cruz, California, (makersfactory.com) will soon be launching MakersEd, a range of services to help teachers use MinecraftEDU with maximum effectiveness!

Joe Allington

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of MinecraftEdu

MakersEd and

Powerful Teaching Tools
for an Engaging Classroom
The popular computer game Minecraft is successfully being used for more than just entertainment. Hundreds of teachers worldwide are discovering the educational potential of Minecraft's immersive, massive, customizable, creative environment.
MakersEd wants to bring this powerful educational tool to schools by offering three areas of service:
System Setup
and Support


Lesson Plans

Having extensive experience in server setup and maintenance, our technicians will prepare the school's hardware and software for the MinecraftEdu system.
No computer lab? No problem! MakersEd offers a range of ready-to-run hardware packages.
Excited to use Minecraft in your classroom, but don't know a "Crafting Table" from a "Creeper"?
With our Educator Training Program, you'll learn the ins and outs of Minecraft, the MinecraftEdu Server Tool, and the MakersEd Lesson Plans.
Maximize the effectiveness of MinecraftEdu and game-based educational tools in general by learning both HOW and WHY the techniques and technology work.
Choose lesson plans from a range of grade levels and subjects to purchase for your MinecraftEdu classroom
Each Lesson Plan includes not only detailed guides, worksheets, and handouts, but also one or more complete, plug-and-play Minecraft game map files
"The Pixel Sky
is the Limit..."
In which subjects can Minecraft serve as an effective teaching tool?
Minecraft's block-based world is perfect for concepts like area, surface area, and volume
Use "Crafting Recipes" to teach about ratios and proportions
Learn to locate and define points in three-dimensional space using Minecraft's coordinate system
Measure the falling time of a block of sand to calculate Minecraft's gravity
Discuss the similarities and differences between real-world gravity and gravity within Minecraft
Talk about forces by launching blocks with TNT cannons!
YouTube video by "nopefully"
Computer Engineering
Certain Minecraft materials can produce or carry a "current", allowing for the creation of logic gates, the basis of computer engineering
People have made entire calculators and computers in Minecraft!
Teachers teaching a new language have found great success in game environments
Students play together in the shared game world, and are only allowed to speak and type in the language they're learning
In "Survival" mode, students need to manage the aspects of the village they're crafting
Teach different forms of government by simulating them in the Minecraft town
Teach economics by observing and discussing the town's trading system
Teach civil engineering through the planning of the town's layout
Explore historical structures and landscapes
Source: contour map by Stephen Elford (EduElfie)
Minecraft's "biomes" can be connected to real-world geographical regions
The distinct layers that make up Minecraft's landscape is perfect for contour maps
Create complete models of biological structures for students to explore
Australian teacher Stephen Elford's "Animal Cell" is a particularly successful example
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