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The book thief: Part 8

No description

jamie milota

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of The book thief: Part 8

Summary: Significance of Part Name: The Word Shaker is the name of the story inside Max's sketchbook he left for Liesel. The story compares how a person can show beauty through a time during major destruction with the characteristics of Liesel and how she projects beauty. By: Jamie Milota Part 8: The Word Shaker Similie: Irony: Personification: Significant Quotes: Page #410: "They look like dead bodies."
Page #422: "It heaved itself to his shoulders and sat there like a bag of wet cement."
Page #429: " There was only the moonlight, like a long strand of hair in the curtain, and there was Rosa."
Page #429: "Like an anchor, it pulled her forward." Situational Irony: Max gives his sketchbook to Rosa to give to Liesel when she is ready for it. This is an example of situational irony because Rosa and Max knew about the sketchbook, but Liesel did not know until Rosa gave it to her. Foreshadow: Page #423: "He left Himmel Street wearing his hangover and a suit."
Page #425: "...Himmel Street was swollen." Part eight of "The Book Thief", by Markus Zusak, explores the consequences of the Steiner and Hubermann families. Part eight begins with Rudy being examined and the Gestapo wanting him to enroll in a training school. Later on as a punishment, Alex Steiner and Hans Hubermann were drafted to the army. When Hans is away, Rosa gives Liesel Max's sketchbook he left for her. Page #425: "Yes....Actually, no. I think I'll find the Fuhrer instead." This is another siginficant quote from pary 8 because it shows how much anger Rudy has towards the Fuhrer for everything he has done. An example of foreshadowing is on page 416 when the narrator says, "Many people must have seen their punishments coming, but only a small percentage welcomed it." This sentence gives you an idea of what happens to Hans later on in the chapter when he was drafted to the German army. Another example of foreshadowing is on page 432, "In the messy space of a few months, Reinhold Zucker would be dead. He would be killed by Hans Hubermann's seat." This tells us how Hans escaped death for the second time. Page #443: "I think you've always been ready, Liesel. From the moment you arrived here, clinging to that gate, you were meant to have this." This is a significant quote from part 8 because it reminds the reader how much she opened up to everyone and it was what Rosa said to Liesel as she received "The Word Shaker."
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