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Fifth Grade Open House

No description

Angela Jones

on 9 August 2018

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Transcript of Fifth Grade Open House

Lexington Creek Fifth Grade Open House

Communication is essential for student success.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Graded papers can be sent home any day. We will not wait until Tuesday to send home graded assignments. Math and Science graded work will be put in their notebooks.

School bulletins will be sent home weekly in the Tuesday folder.

Visit the Lexington Creek website for updates www.fortbendisd.com/lce

Skyward and Family Access
Please make sure your information is accurate in Skyward. We will use Skyward to send email this year.

Grades can be viewed by visiting the Fort Bend ISD website and loging on to Family Access.

You can also use the Skyward App to view grades

If you do not have a Family Access Account please visit the front office to gain access.
Our Daily Schedule
8:00-8:10- Students enter classroom to prepare for their day
8:10-8:15- Morning Announcements
8:15-10:45- Block 1 (Homeroom class)
10:45- 11:00- Block 2 (Switch class)
11:00-11:45- Outclass
11:45-1:00- Block 2 (Switch Classes)
1:00-1:30- Lunch
1:30-2:15- Block 2 (Switch class)
2:15-2:45- PRIDE Time (Tutoring and Enrichment)
2:50-3:20- Recess
3:25- School is dismissed

Student Absences
Please send us an email or a note when your child has been absent. Parents have four school days to send in an excuse note before the absence is marked unexcused.
Students are allowed to bring a healthy snack. (no "messy snacks")

If you bring lunch to your child, please be on time. We cannot allow the kids to have additional time to eat.

Students may bring store bought cupcakes or cookies for their birthday, and they will be eaten in the classroom after lunch. Please bring napkins for each student in your child's class. Cupcakes and cookies must be checked in with the office by a parent.

All classes have 24-26 students.
Snacks, Lunch and Birthdays
Language Arts and Reading

Reading is an important skill that is used in all subjects. We hope the kids will read for pleasure as much as possible.

Occasionally reading passages will be sent as homework.

Social Studies
In 5th Grade we study the foundations of our nation, the Thirteen Colonies, Revolutionary War, Westward
Expansion, the Civil War, and patriotic symbols of the United States.
Math homework will be given daily.

Math homework can be found on your teacher's website.

We encourage the students to take their math notebooks home each night to assist with homework and as a study aid for tests. The student's notebook is their text book.

Review sheets will be given for all tests. You will be able to find copies of the review sheet on Mrs. Cole's and Mrs. Jones's website

Please help us remind the students that studying is homework.
Students will be creating their own Interactive Science Notebook. Notebooks will be graded after each unit. Students are responsible for completing all assigned activities in this notebook. This notebook will be their study guide for tests.

Every 5th grade student is expected to
participate in science fair.

More information on the science fair will
come home in late November or early
General Conduct and Study Skills Expectations
General Conduct Expecations
1. Follows school regulations
2. Demonstates self-discipline
3. Responds promptly and willingly
4. Is courteous
5. Respects property rights
6. Works and plays well with others
Study Skills Expectations
7. Listens and follows directions
8. Uses time and materials effectively
9. Completes assignments/homework
10. Does neat and orderly work
Reteaching and Retesting Policy
All assignments will be retaught, but we only
retest major grades. An example of a major
grade is a math test.

The highest grade a student can receive on a
retest is a 75.
Student Success
Our ultimate goal is student success. We will do all that we can to make your child successful.
Working together, we will have a fantastic year!

Parents can check their children's grades
at anytime using Family Access or the
Skyward App.

Students who have a grade below 75 in an
academic subject (Reading , Language,
Math, Science, and Social Studies)
midway through the grading period will
receive a paper progress report from
their teacher.
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