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Global Stratification

No description

Prof J Jennings

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of Global Stratification

Global Stratification
So... what is it?
An easy definition:
the system of inequalities between countries or groups of people

More in depth:
"the idea that as nations and communities become more connected,the world's population becomes stratified into groups. The groups become separated into
not privileged
groups: the social hierarchy that develops as a result of global "development".
Questions for You...
Systems of Stratification
The American Dream***
What do you think of the author's definition of the class system?

Do you have anything similar to the American Dream?

How possible is it to change your status in life? What tools do you need? Who has that opportunity?
Global Stratification
Chapter 9
1. Should there be a limit on inequality?
*See Adam Smith's quote on page 203
2. What do you think of the idea of
Limited inheritance?
Our Diverse World
*Read Along on Page 213
Quiz Time!!!!!
Let us get into pairs... but it must be someone
sitting at the table opposite from your table
! They will be your partner for the quiz...
Pair up the sides to make the facts true!
1. Percent of plastic water bottles that end up in a landfill
2. Price in SK won for pair of Kobe X Nike shoe
3. million homeless people in India
4. million $ U.S. Gangnam Style made in 1 year from advertising revenue the year it was released
5. percent of global wealth owned by top 1%
6. million U.S. dollars - most expensive home in California
7. Life expectancy (years) in Chad, Africa
8. Cost in U.S. dollars it costs to raise a child to 18 years of age
9. SK Won Nike workers in Indonesia get paid for 1 day work
10. How many plastic water bottles are sold in one minute around the world?
The Caste System
- a rigid form of stratification, based on ascribed characteristics such as skin color or family identity, that determines a person's prestige, occupation, residence and social relationships. * See OTHER examples on page 205
The Estate System
- a closed system of stratification in which a person's social status is defined by law, and membership is determined primarily by inheritance
The Class System
- a system of social stratification that contains several classes and in which greater social mobility is permitted than a caste or estate system
: What could make a person or a group of persons "Untouchable" What can we do to change that mindset?
Quick Group Debate
: What do you think of the caption provided under the picture on page 205?
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