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AS Presentation


Jane Jun

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of AS Presentation

Ping-Pong Ball Launching Research Physics Any Modifications in Technology? Trebuchets During our research, we encountered lots of technology from more than one place, such as China and Greece invented in early times in China used counterweight to heave and throw an object at a castle used to help take down enemy defenses as well as maybe diseasing castle defenders Catapult also invented by the Greeks around same time as trebuchet use torsion to hurl projectile helped destroy castles during Middle Ages Ballista made also in Greece just before the beginning of the Middle Ages, 800 years after the catapults and trebuchets were invented used torsion to fire heavy things-usually arrows Very Briefly Considered Building Options: see-saw bow and arrow clothespin and bottlecap launcher used against defenders of castles in the Middle Ages torsion is the twisting of an object because torque is applied

torque is the tendency of a force to rotate on an axis

both catapults and ballistas work with torsion

trebuchets use a pivoting beam and counterweight

the counterweight would rotate the beam in an arc, sending the object flying

All of these weapons were used during the Middle Ages to attack castles People don't use trebuchets, catapults, or ballistas any more

Instead, gunpowder is used

therefore, trebuchets, catapults, and ballistas have never really evolved

these weapons have not significantly influenced today's life, only the past The Launcher We decided to do a combination of the trebuchet and the slingshot

We used torsion and counterweights in a way to make a new kind of device THE END
Anson Yam
Natalie Tsui
Rebecca Wang Distance range: <300 yards

Load Capacity: around 300lb load capacity: around 60 pounds

distance range: less than 100 yards Distance Range: <200 yards
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