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Abigail Smith Adams

No description

Angie Romero

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Abigail Smith Adams

Work Experience
Doll Information
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The Abigail Smith Adams doll comes free with a booklet of facts about the American Revolution, and Abigail herself. Each Abi doll comes with her hair tied up, and a unique dress. We feel, since Abigail was always busy helping her husband and his political issues, we included a bag full with letters, due to the fact that she was always writing letters to her husban about political matters. And to make things even more fun, on the back of each doll there is a code. Enter it on the link below to take a fun and educational quiz, on all the facts located in your booklet.
We are known for manufacturing fun toys for children. We don't really create anything educational, therefor if What are Those Industries creates a doll in honor of Abigail Smith Adams, we may be able to gain a lot of profit from it. If parents see that this doll is educational, perhaps there would be a higher chance of them purchasing it.
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We think that creating this doll will have an impact on many people. We think that if we create one historic toy that customers enjoy, and learn from they will surely come back for more. Children will be able to learn more about history, and that is our number one goal.

Enter the code on your Abigail doll for a free quiz!
If parents or children no little about Abigail Smith Adams, that isn't a problem! With every purchase of this doll comes a free booklet filled with facts about her life, and the time in which she lived. We think this book will be fun for both the parents and children.
About Us

Here at What are those! Industries, we like to create toys that are meaningful to children. With this new doll idea, we think that children will learn a little about history, while having fun!
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Abigail Smith Adams
What are Those! Industries
Over all, we CEO'S at What are Those Industries think that this doll will be a very good product. We feel like it will brighten and enrich many children's minds. If you feel the same, We would like to know!
We want to hear what you think about our new idea for this toy, so please feel free to comment! Thank you for taking time to listen to our new idea!
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