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Guitar Pick Glove

No description

Gary Laffy

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Guitar Pick Glove

Guitar Pick Glove & prosthetics in the classroom. Losing picks while playing Our original idea came as we were
talking about playing guitar, and how
annoying it is to drop your pick while playing.

We decided we will design something
that will enable you to play guitar
and never drop your pick. Prosthetics After thinking about how annoying losing a pick would be. We came to the conclusion that a much more serious use for the glove we created would be to enable a guitarist who has lost a thumb or hand the ability to play guitar.

The idea of developing prosthetics for people, to do specific tasks they need to do became our focus for teaching the design process from this invention. Using prosthetics We then concluded that a great way to teach would be to look at how prosthetics help people.

Not just for hands, but arms, legs and anything else now basically has a prosthetic equivalent.

We will show the class Oscar Pistorius, and explain his prosthetic legs. He is both a paralympian and olympian. Who is a double amputee.

Students could then look at designing their own prosthetic leg, for a classroom race we will conduct. Thought Process Blade Runner; the fastest man on no legs. Oscar Pistorius Bionic Hands Our lesson will involve students designing and making their own prosthesis.

Students will then compete to see who has created the best prosthesis.

The aim will be to create a prosthetic leg from recycled material. The group who designs the prosthesis that can walk the furthest wins. Lesson Plan
Describe the engineering design considerations that go into developing quality prostheses.

List characteristics and features that are important for a prosthetic leg.

Analyse a prototype prosthetic leg and make suggestions for design improvements. Learning Outcomes The Flex-Foot Cheetah blade is a custom-built, high performance carbon fiber foot designed primarily for sporting activities.

It is used by amputee athletes around the world and used by world champion Oscar Pistorius. James Addlem
Andrew Bradfield
Gary Laffy
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