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The Lottery

No description

Alex Reacher

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of The Lottery

Lines 105-115
Find examples of colloquialisms.
The Lottery
Close Reading
Lines 40-53
Describe Mr.Summers
Lines 59-67
What might the "Box symbolize?
Lines 85-104

Lines 1-10
What is this town like?
A medium size,
casual village.
Not to small, nor to big.
An organized townsman,
devoted, busyness man
A growing village, that keeps growing, and getting weaker.
What does pacing in a story do to affect the story?
To keep you guessing the outcome
until the very end.
"Clean forgot what day it was"
lines 159-168
Describe the Tone of this part of the story?
Lines 191-204
How does Old-man Warner feel about the Lottery?
That no tradition should be left behind.
Lines 219-225
How did the change of pace affect the story?
It gets you anxious
for what's coming up next.
Lines 228-243
How did Mrs. Hutchinson's behavior change from the beginning to the end of the story?

From in a hurry, to scared.
Lines 237-242
What does Mr. Summers mean by "Family" & "Household"
One whole family doesn't always live in the same household.
Lines 237-287
What does the Author leave out of to explain what characters say and do?
"Why they do the lottery
and stone Tessie?"
Lines 285-306
How does pacing affect the mood of this part of the story?
It makes you feel like something
big is going to happen.
Lines 310-321
How did reader expectations about the Lottery change as the story went on?
It was predictable. Half way through
I already thought about sacrifice.
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