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Waterless Biowash

Water Less Bio Wash, provide fleet service car wash and fleet auto detailing for the most discerning clients.

Jonas Ceja

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Waterless Biowash

"The Best option in
keeping your fleet clean" " " It’s a company that arises with the purpose of attending the needs of a defined market by giving a service of personal and professional excellence.
We are compromised with honesty, transparency, ethics, professionalism and human quality with our clients. Mission In Water Less Bios Wash, work strongly in hardening day by day the relations with our commercial associates through a high-level service, since we believe that by offering efficiency, quality, punctuality, professionalism with a human sense we establish a good precedent in our families, in our society and on the captive market. Vision In WLBW we have as one of our objetives turning into a leading company on it´s branch, integrated by high-level advisers who provide in a punctual and effective way the information and necessary service to satisfy entirely the needs of our clients, offering at all time the appreciation of a service that characterizes us since our beginning. FLEET SERVICE WE COME
TO YOU Water Less Bio Wash, provide fleet service car wash and fleet auto detailing for the most discerning clients. We know that your fleet vehicles are a reflection of your business, and we provide the services quickly and professionally so your vehicles are ready when needed and kept up to your standards.
Water Less Bios Wash wants to keep you vehicle in excellent condition to maintained in TOP, we just used biodegradables soaps using less water than the usual places, gives an added valute to you company categorizing it as “eco-friendly” We perform our services
7 days a week! Why wash your
commercial vehicles? 1.First of all we want to maximize your investment on commercial vehicles, plus taking an advance for the mobile billboard or advertising to captive more clients and keep a clean and fresh image. Packages 2.Maintenance: clean vehicle easier to perform maintenance on 3.Value: maintains investment value longer; retards corrosion 4.Image: attracts customers 5.Regulators: avoid fines, inspections 6.Weigh scales- removes dirt, reduces weight, saves fines 7.Safety: see and be seen 8.Better mileage- heavy soils removed translates into a lighter vehicle 9.Security- positive image at borders (profiling) 10.Dirty trucks are bad business EXTERIOR WASH 1. Tractor / Van /
Mini Tractor 2. Trailer
(FLAT, SMAL, LARGE) 3. Tractor / Trailer 4. Wash out (10 Minutes) 5. Engine Wash 6. Other services 6.1 Car Wash & Deta 6.2 Parking Lots 6.3 Drive Walks 6.4 Parking Spaces 6.5 Trash Dumpsters ** DEEP CLEAN INSIDE,
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