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Medical Interpreting Mistakes I've Made--and How NOT to Repeat Them

Presentation for novice sign language interpreters addressing some of the essential considerations when accepting and performing interpreting assignments in medical settings.

Elizabeth Morgan

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Medical Interpreting Mistakes I've Made--and How NOT to Repeat Them

"Interpreter, know thyself"
how I forgot to consider
my own limitations Thinking etymology
was as unimportant as entomology Wait--where are those kidneys again? If you are not sure, say so Give three examples sterile fields street clothes shoes Medical terminology courses--your best friend Anatomy and physiology--learning to like dead cats Challenges with scrubs Having that pair of tennis shoes in the car Cesarean Section Delivery Consent Exercise Let's look at a medical interview Fun review of systems--House of God by Samuel Shem Knowing the way the medical professional is trained to get information History of present illness Past medical history Chief complaint Social history Family history Review of systems Look for the anatomy coloring books You're gonna
want me in there.... Nurses keep you alive in ICU Recovery room Am I easy or queasy? Now is not the time to leave Assertiveness and knowing when to "push" Care to step outside? BEING the contamination in the OR Take your readiness pulse The Grand Rounds of Medical Interpreting Contraction: Go to video clip 7 Expansion: Go to video clip 5 Cultural mediation
in medical settings Adult preoperative
history form If you don't know,
say so Don't Look at Me! or, turning down every job out of fear Know the agency that is sending you Give yourself permission to
interpret consecutively If it's Tuesday, this must be the appointment with the Geriatric Oncologist Can I do a podiatry appointment? The plan for today: Think about what
kinds of medical interpreting assignments I am ready/suited for Make a plan for medical interpreting professional development Increase understanding of medical protocol, cultural mediation techniques Laugh, share, and meet new friends! Time to group! Look at Clip l, and practice voicing response Hey! I said "group" not grope! Clip 2 What can You do? Medical Settings
Recommend: Category A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
Routine Eye Exam, Lab Work,
Physical Therapy, Audiological (hearing exam), Dental Care
Recommend: Category D, E, F, G, H
Routine - Physical, Hospital Admission, Neurological
Serious - Emergency Room, Minor Surgery, Abortion, Extensive Eye Exam
Counseling - Mental Health, Doctor, Diagnostic Interviews, Alcoholics Anonymous, Substance Abuse
Classes - Child Birth, Planned Parenthood
Therapy - Chemotherapy, Chiropractic, Ontological
Recommend: Category F, G, H
Major Surgery
Psychiatric Counseling, Evaluation

From DARS Website
http://www.dars.state.tx.us/dhhs/beilvls.shtml Thanks to all who came today, but a special thanks to all my past clients, who allowed me to learn at their expense, and taught me more than they'll ever know. To Deaf medical professionals everywhere! A little help with protocol, please--Stephanie :) And a few rectangles :)...
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