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Line Quality

Line can be used to describe mass, depth, volume, light, movement, and texture.

Michelle Poirier

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Line Quality

Line can describe mass, depth, volume, light, movement, and texture
Is an outline.
It defines the exterior edges of a form
Clean, connected line drawn slowly and deliberately
It can be used by itself to create form
Form=any three dimensional object with height, width, and depth
The variety of line used in a drawing
Thick, thin, wavy, jagged, smooth
Adds interest to your drawing
Helps describe the texture of objects
Identify 3 types of lines
By varying the weight of a line (thick or thin), you can describe weight and depth of an object.
Thick lines are denser and communicate weight
Thin lines are lighter and communicate distance
Which objects are heavy?
Which objects are close to us?
Heavy lines come forward in a drawing,
Light lines recede. This creates DEPTH.
Which lines are close to us?
Which lines are far away?
Created by the speed in which you draw a line
Slow, detailed lines communicate stillness
Smooth, dramatic lines communicate speed
Which lines were drawn quickly?

Which lines were drawn slowly?
Hatching is applying tone and texture in rows of parallel lines
Cross-hatching is crisscrossing several layers of hatching to create darkness
Any shapes or marks can be used to create tone
Egon Schiele was the master of the Contour Drawing
He used Contour lines to accentuate and exaggerate his features
He used line to describe movement and communicate feeling
Philip Guston used line to describe texture
And to describe weight and shadows.
Philip Guston used line to describe depth.
And Vincent van Gogh used line to describe distance.
As well as surface texture.
Your Assignment:
Imagine what your feet say about you. Your task is to draw your world from the point of view of your feet. Your goal is to tell a viewer about your likes and personality by what your feet are wearing and what you choose to surround your feet with. The challenge is to use only line, no shading, to create form, texture, mass, and depth.
Bring in a photograph of
your feet describing your
personality for Monday.
Your picture should tell
about your personality and
your interests. You can
print it or have it on your
phone or email it to me.
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