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Alfred L. Cralle by Lissy Fitting

No description

Melissa Valdivia

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Alfred L. Cralle by Lissy Fitting

Alfred L. Cralle by Lissy Fitting
Humans today still use the same design for the first ice cream scoop.
first ice cream scoop design
Born on September 4, 1866-Died May 3, 1920

Grew up in Virginia. Worked with his dad in the carpenter trade when he was a young man and he then got interested in mechanics.
Fun Facts
The reason Alfred invented the ice cream scoop is because ice cream was very popular and it was hard to take out of the container. So he thought having a special spoon would make it easier. This is what he will be known for. He unfortunately is not celebrated but if he was, it would be on May 3rd, because that is the day of his death.
This is Alfred with the design for the ice cream scoop
The first ice cream scoop

During this time African American men faced many obstacles.They were judged simply by the color of their skin. They were never given the same opportunities that white men had. So when any african american person was successful it had a huge impact in the world.
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