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The influences of Parliament

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Emily Davis

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of The influences of Parliament

The influences of Parliament.
How do pressure groups affect the Law?
As mentioned before, Pressure groups can often influence MP's and the government by tactics such a lobbying. If a member of a pressure group is successful when lobbying a certain MP then it is possible that the MP will ask questions in parliament about the particular problem that has been addressed by the pressure group. It is also possible that a backbench MP may use the Private Members Bill session to introduce a Bill trying to reform the law in the way that the pressure group wants. However it is very rare that a bill will get through parliament unless it has alot of support from the public
What are pressure groups?
A pressure group is a group that tries to influence public policy in the interest of a particular cause. Meaning that certain groups may try to pressurize the government into reforming certain laws that the group do not agree with.
How does the media influence Parliament?
The media presents certain information through newspapers and television. Often, the media may twist certain parts of facts to gain the public's support and agreement. They do this often when it comes to politics and the government. The media have the power to affect peoples opinions by making a small problem seem rather big by using propaganda through newspapers. For example, if the current prime minister was rumored to be introducing more cuts to the NHS this would cause outrage amongst most people so they would contact their local politicians. If changes were not seen coming up to the next election, the public will not elect the same political party, as they clearly would not be listening to the opinions of UK citizens.
How does media affect the Law?
Like mentioned in the previous slide, the media are very good at bringing public opinion to the governments attention. When an issue is given a high profile on the TV and in newspapers, it is bought to the attention of the government and members of the public. Therefore the government would then have to look into a way of reforming the law to stop something like this from happening again and to keep the public happy and satisfied that they have taken action .
What is the media?
The media is probably one of the most influential factors in today's society. Newspapers, music and T.V surround us constantly throughout our daily lives these are all examples of media materials. Many people can feel pressurized to do certain things or be a certain way due to media representations.
What is Political Power?
What are the Royal Commissions?
A Royal Commission is a selected group of people appointed by the Government to investigate a matter of important public concern and to make recommendations on any actions to be taken. Some Royal commissions have lead to key change with certain laws. An example is the Royal Commission on Police powers.

How do Law Commissions influence Parliament?
Once those who are in the commission have discussed and decided what the appropriate reforms or improvements should be, they create a report with a bill attached and send it to parliament. This report states clearly what the changes should be. After this process the bill may become law.

What is Parliament and what are the main roles of politicians?
Parliament is; 'the highest legislature, consisting of the Sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.' (Google definition). Parliament is important within the UK as it helps create and pass laws that aim to keep order in our country. The houses of Parliament are based in the UK's capital city, London.

The business of parliament is discussed in two Houses: The house of commons and the house of lords. Their roles are to:
*Challenge the work of government.
*Approve new laws (legislation).
*Discuss government policy,propose legislation and current issues
*Play a part in forming the laws of the United Kingdom.
What is a Law Commission?
The Law commission is the statutory independent body It is an independent body made up of five experienced and qualified lawyers created by the
Law Commissions Act 1965
. It keeps the law under review and is allowed to suggest reform wherever they feel it is needed. The purpose of the commission is to make sure the law is;
as cost-effective as possible

What is the Law Commissions Act 1965?
An Act to provide for the constitution of Commissions for the reform of the law.

The effects this can have on Laws
The Law Commission has the power to change whole sections of laws and revise laws that were made many years ago.
What influence does the Royal Commission have on Parliament ?
The Royal Commission's job is to investigate important public concern as mentioned above. Therefore if they come across a certain point needing reform they will refer it to Parliament. This is similar to the jobs of Law commission but the Royal commission includes a selected group of people that are appointed by the government
How do pressure groups influence parliament?
An example of the government bowing down to a pressure group is the Hunting Act (2004). Which banned dogs from hunting foxes. Often pressure groups campaign against a change in the law. Pressure groups such as Justice and Liberty campaigned against the proposed change which was the abolition of trial by jury. Another way Pressure groups try to persuade the government to reform the law is the use of Lobbying. They try to persuade individual politicians to support their cause. It is called lobbying because members of the public can persuade the MP's within the lobby of the House of Commons.
What are union groups?
Union groups are groups with the aim to protect the rights of certain people. For example the trade union is an organized association of workers in a trade, group of trades, or profession, formed to protect and further their rights and interests.
How do union groups influence Parliament ?
European union law can lead to new Acts of Parliament which are passed in order to bring UK Law in line with European Law. Union groups also affect the choices parliament make when looking at jobs as they cannot infringe on the rights of the workers. For example the NASUWT which protect the rights of teachers often encourage teachers to strike against certain things parliament are suggesting.
How do Union Groups affect the Law?
Union groups affect the law by addressing problems and pushing for reform if they believe that the people they are representing are being treated unfairly. For example the trade union that represent businesses and firms often challenge the law if they feel they are not getting the correct treatment. If a certain member of a company feels they aren't getting enough money for the amount of work they are undergoing it is their job to contact their union representative who will then take further action and look into ways they can help the person even if it means taking legal action.
Political power is the ability of a group in a society which allows for administration of some or all of public resources. Political power can be obtained in democratic through election
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