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Peer-to-Peer Lending

Henri Pang

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of ISOM1090

ISOM 1090 Project Peer-to-Peer Lending ISOM1090 2012Fall Important Elements Peer-to-Peer Lending 1 Wisdom of crowd 2 Long tail effect

3 Network effect 4 Decentralization Wisdom of crowd Collaboration
Collect money from peers
“Problem meets solution”
Risk assessment getting more accurate Decentralization Everyone decide by own assessment
Legal? Safe? No government protection Successful Example: Lending Club 1 billion transaction already
1.5 million loans origination everyday
Lending Club will charges 1-5% for every loan How it works Risk Identity Verification – Make sure that it’s a real person, and it’s the one they claimed to be.
FICO score
One of ways for reliability test
Higher FICO score means lower risk Li Tao(10577996) Pang Yik Hang(09486362) Cheng Man Sin(09283631)
Eric Jansson Edholm(09563275)
Joseph Yen(09471264) Presentation Agenda Introduction
Important Elements
Legal and Security Issues
Successful Example & Risks
Motivation and Potential in China/ Hong Kong Long tail effect Opportunity for unqualified bank loaners
Few doc needed
Easy and simple to borrow money Network effect Borrowers: collect more money when more lenders lend money
Lenders :more investment opportunities when more borrowers Legal and Security Issues Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Lenders’ Judgments
Approved Material
Prime Consumer Note Motivation and Potential Motivation for P2P lending Potential in China/Hong Kong Still relatively unknown concept
Long history of “shadow lending”
Mostly for business ventures at the moment
Hong Kong is a financial hub Thank You For Listening. Introduction
P2P lending Lend to individuals or "peers"
Money returned monthly, interest included
Interest rates – set by credit
Higher risk, higher rate
Credit calculated by transaction history
More people rate, more accurate assessment
Intermediary companies
% on funded loans from borrowers and servicing fee Demo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Yglfn1Pobs
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