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The Huron Wendat

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on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The Huron Wendat

They lived in a wigwam and also longhouses, the longhouses could fit 30-45 people. The people would build near these 4 important things,
1.Near a source of water (river, lake etc.).
2.Near a huge space of land so it would be good for farming.
3.Near a source of wood (forests, jungles etc.).
4.Near a hill (for defense)

The Huron Wendat
The Huron Wendat Tribe

The Wendat tribe were a Huron tribe that said they
live on the back of a turtle. At first Huron and Iroquois were one big tribe until they got mad at each other and split into two tribes. They both made names and they called themselves Iroquois and Huron Wendat. The Iroquois attacked Huron several times and made them move to Quebec after some time had passed.
Children Facts
Children were taught important skills early in life.
The boys often played a game that helped them practice hitting a moving target. This in addition to joining their father on a hunting trip taught them how to become good hunters and warriors.
Girls learned how to be mothers by taking care of their dolls.
Girls learned at a young age how to plant crops, make tools, and cook by following their mothers around.
The End
Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!
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The Huron Wendat had farms and gardens and corn was the main crop, but also hunted for fish, bear, deer, beavers, and rabbits. they also gather wild berries known as black berries, raspberries and cherries.
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