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Presentasjon for BeSafe

Mynewsdesk is the most used Digital PR Platform in the Nordics delivering Newsrooms to more than 5.000 companies.

Erlend Nordbak

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Presentasjon for BeSafe

It starts with your
Branded Newsroom Rich on Social Media, Multimedia and Visual Engagement From your Newsroom,
you can send out
multimedia releases

This release is about delivering good service
to your recipients.

It looks like this in the inbox - but takes up as little space that it can be read on the mobile Image to grab the attention You can embed images, videos and incorporate links to create engagement You include all the
relevant content from the start It makes your life, and the receivers,
a lot easier Previous releases related as info High Res Images and Videos Personal Contact The newsroom can be integrated if you desire, using: iFrame w. Javascript API to get XML feed OR iFrame Example Follow / Subscribe Media
Contacts Share Social
Feeds Multimedia
Library First and foremost: Mynewsdesk is about Control & ROI Track your Local Exposure & Measure your total reach 2: Mynewsdesk is Intuitive and Easy to Use CMS like interface
when publishing Easy to embed
and create links Include top photo Schedule the
release Attach PDF or
document Include additional links 3: Organize your contacts an all-in-one platform Handle all your existing contacts and see the new Get notified:
- new followers
- about Bounces
- unsubscribers Handle an array
of distribution
lists Send out exclusives Add personal notes Manage lists See Interests Social Profiles 5: Mynewsdesk is about online visibility and SEO Track Traffic Sources and Searches Get more in-depth results & learn about visitor behavior BeSafe sitt Nyhetsrom på Mynewsdesk ...Nyhetsrom i flere land An overview of Mynewsdesk Nyhetsrom i Norge:
m/synk til hjemmeside: 47.000 NOK*/år
u/synk til hjemmeside: 35.000 NOK/år

*Prisen inkluderer synk til BaSafe sin hjemmeside for Norge + samtlige land som allerede bruker Mynewsdesk. Dvs at deres kolleger i SV, DK, UK og TY vil automatisk få nyhetene sine tilgjengeliggjort via iframe til sine respektive hjemmesider. 6: Mynewsdesk is about maximum relevant reach In addition to your contacts you reach our network, a large pool of journalists that have asked for news from your industry Our service is free for journalists and for the blogosphere Embedded video can be played on demand Easy to
navigate About Search Tag Cloud RSS Feeds SEO Links 4: Explore: Find who writes about you, your industry and competitors! Expand your network by adding relevant journalists and bloggers to your network.
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