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G02 - Food, Drink & Diary


Nicholas Ritchey

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of G02 - Food, Drink & Diary

Writing Food & Drink To Do: 1,700 Won for Book
Seating Chart Warmup Who is hungry?
Who had a snack between class?
What did you have for breakfast? Conversation Page

Ask the questions
to a classmate If you can't answer, pretend you've
moved to americA, then answer 13 Activity: When I was 10 What was your favorite food when you were 10?

On a piece of paper, draw this food in the middle of your page surrounded by the feelings you have for it.

Discuss why you have each feeling with a classmate. Mind Mapping This Month Picture Diary No Words Tell a story Have Fun! Written Diary Convert your picture diary into words. Grammar and Writing Class 2 Goodbye!
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