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G Beauty Institute Redken Product Knowledge

Retail ingredients, benefits, and affects.

Tiffani Bornhorst

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of G Beauty Institute Redken Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge All Soft Who loves it? Any one with dry or brittle hair.
*Works wonders on long "stressed out" hair Whats it do? Whats in it? Transforms with intense softness!
Replenish and stengthen Managable and SHINY! Gold Camalina - Shine
Avacodo Oil- Softness
Olive Oil- Inside out Conditioning
Silk Amino Acid- Strength All Soft Heavy Cream Rinse out deep conditioner Use along with Redken's in salon
All Soft Chemistry Shot. Apply once or twice a week to
keep hair soft, shiny, and managable
inbetween salon appointments. Velvet Whip Thermal Softener Apply to damp hair before
heatstyling for protection
and shine Gold Glimmer Extreme Shine Control Frizzies Shine and Define Body Full Who Loves it? Whats it do? Whats in it? Super fine textures that lay flat and lack fullness. Prone to breakage and sensitive to heavy products. Plumps each strand Long lasting fullness and lift Protects and strengthens Wheat Protiens- Textural effect that boosts volume, body and fullness
Cotton- Softens and detangles
Soy Protiens- Stengthens and reinforces Volume Amplifier Plumbs and thickens Build Volume With Every
Spray Use on wet or dry hair
this "restyler" is great
for product sensitive hair Instant Bodyfier Light foam for baby fine hair Defends and Volumizes Holds up all day! Smooth Down Who loves it? Whats in it? Whats it do? Out of control hair. Anyone
who fights frizz and major
volume. Thick textures with
high density. Enriches, Tames, Nourishes Provides long-lasting, intense smoothing and humidity-resistant frizz control Leaves hair ultra-smooth, shiny and controlled Macadamia oil- Nourishes
Candelilla Wax- Smooths
Cationic Refiners- Controls frizz Butter Treat Ultra-rich, cream treatment Provides intense, deep moisturization Delivers super, long-lasting conditioning, nourishment and control Leaves hair streamlined, manageable and shiny Detangling Cream Provides intense smoothing, volume down control and detangling to very dry, unruly hair Surrounds each strand to deliver stress-free combing, smoothness and frizz control Helps replenish oils and restores moisture Nourishes and adds shine Hair is ultra-smooth, lush and shiny Heat Glide Heat protective serum smooths and tames frizz on even the most rebellious hair Leaves hair smooth and shiny with a lightweight, frizz-free finish Can be used with or without heat When used with heat, smoothing and shine are intensified Clear Moisture Whats in it? Who Loves it? Whats it do? Infuses hair with weightless moisture Helps restore, rebalance and retain the optimum level without adding weight Leaves hair replenished, light and shin Gently cleanses and provides lightweight moisture Leaves hair nourished, airy and shiny Anyone who's hair likes moisture without heaviness.
All about airy and silky texture Apricot oil- Moisturizes outer cuticle, adds shine, eliminates flyaways
Glucosamine- Micro moisturizers penetrates to restore hair
Glycerin- Seals to lock in moisture and balace Polishing Prep Micro-moisturizing droplets of apricot oil, glycerin and cationic silicone instantly restore, rebalance and help retain hair's optimum moisture level Increases combability and smoothness Restores manageability and helps control fly-aways Great for all lengths of normal to dry hair that tangle easily Leaves hair replenished, airy and polished with healthy-looking radiance Blonde Glam Gently cleanses and refines highlights Helps eliminate brassiness Clarifies color and strengthens hair Who loves it? Whats it do? Whats in it? Great for any blonde! Specialized formula helps condition and clarify blonde locks. Crystal Mica- Shimmering shine
Grapefruit Extract- Improves clarity
Anti-oxident- UV filter protection Perfect Platinum
Rich Vanilla Blonde Glam Color Enhancers revive drab highlights and revitalize blonde hair. The lightweight gel/cream formulas deliver an even distribution of color enhancing pigments and intense conditioning and strength without weighing down even the finest of blonde hair strands. Velvety mousse helps protect, condition, and revitalize delicate highlighted blonde hair Brightens, softens and adds body Provides a tug-free blow-dry to help hair resist breakage Helps guard hair from heat exposure and environmental damage Leaves hair full of airy softness with lustrous shine Dream Whip Color Extend Micro-Net - Color retention
UVA & UVB Filters - Anti-fade protection
Cranberry Oil - Maximizes color vibrancy
Ceramide - Strengthens & secures exclusive Interbond Conditioning System Provides maximum color security Fights the four causes of color change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, coloraltering minerals, water attack Helps shield, stabilize and secure color intensity Leaves color-treated hair smooth, manageable and radiant Gently cleanses and protects Secures color vibrancy Who Loves it? Whats it do? Whats in it? Perfect for ALL types of
color treated hair Luxurious cream-gel formula provides deep conditioning Helps preserve the intensity of haircolor Leaves hair treated and manageable with highly reflective shine Rich Recovery Delivers anti-fade color protection Provides strength and cuticle reinforcement Helps keep haircolor vibrant and shiny Total Recharge Protects haircolor while helping to seal split ends, smooth flyaways, and impart mirror-like shine. Shine Enrich Who Loves it? Whats it do? Whats in it? Hair is up to 4 times stronger Repairs, strengthens and protects Hair looks and feels healthier with increased manageability and shine 01 Proteins - internal strength
02 Ceramide - cuticle reinforcement
03 Natural Lipids - protective resurfacing For chemically destressed hair.
Protien starved and weakened
strands. Iron Repair helps reinforce and restructure distressed, dull hair Leave-in treatment gently smoothes the cuticle and helps fortify hair that's prone to breaking, splitting or snapping off. Anti-snap Cat Reconstructs and adds immediate strength to distressed hair. Deep fuel Durable strengthening treatment helps restore very distressed hair back to its natural, healthy state. Fortifying treatment provides deep conditioning and repair to strengthen and restore distressed hair. Leaves hair conditioned with increased control and manageability. Rescue Force Extreme Real Control Repairs and transforms the texture of high-maintenance hair Nourishes, restores and reclaims control Leaves hair sleek and sultry with luscious shine Provides internal strength and smoothing control Cationic Conditioners - Moisture & Nourishment
Protein / Ceramide - Internal Strength & Repair
Shea Butter - Smoothing Frizz Control For dense, dry and sensitized. Anyone needing sleekness, moisture, and repair. Intense Renewal > Ultra-rich, deep conditioning mask intensely moisturizes while helping
control and repair extremely dense, dry hair
> Instantly detangles and improves combability so hair resists breakage
> Provides intense discipline, smoothing control and internal strength
> Hair texture is transformed with increased manageability and shine Creama Care > Brings down the volume and provides superior discipline, control and manageability to the most difficult-to-manage hair
> Smoothes and repairs damaged areas
> Helps protect hair from breakage and heat styling damage
> Hair texture is transformed with increased manageability, smoothness and shine Overnight Treat > Helps renew and repair severely damaged hair during sleep
> Provides nourishment, smoothing control and strengthening repair
> Absorbs instantly so it won't transfer onto pillows or sheets
> Users awaken to shiny, restored hair with lasting softness and control Thermal Resist > Lightweight leave-in spray instantly detangles, repairs and conditions heat-damaged hair
> Helps defend hair against additional heat damage
> Hair looks and feels strong, healthy and revived Who Loves it? Whats it do? Whats in it? Fresh Curls Whats in it? Whats it do? Who loves it? Provides instant activation, frizz-controlled definition, moisture and strength Boosts fine, lazy curls Defines coarse, unruly curls Fights frizz all day Elastapol - Spring Activation & Frizz Control
Coconut Oil - Moisture
Oleo-amido - Repair & Resurface
Protein - Strength Caters to any type of curly hair
keeping it tamed and revived all
day long. > Specially formulated for unruly curls

> Tames, detangles and controls frizz

> Delivers lasting memory, manageability, moisture and shine

> Provides volume down, controlled curls Curl Refiner Curl recovery > Moisture-rich formula deeply conditions medium to coarse, dry curls

> Conditioning and styling polymers revive parched strands and help restore elasticity and definition

> Strengthens to help prevent damage

> Provides the highest level of moisture in the Fresh Curls range

> Curls are quenched with healthy bounce and frizz-controlled shine > Specially formulated for lazy curls

> Strengthens, boosts and re-activates curls

> Provides curl-defining body, fullness and re-energizing shine Spring Mousse Curl Boost > Moisturizes, activates and re-energizes curls

> Provides humidity resistance, lasting frizz control and shine
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