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ESL - first class

No description

Jessica Tomimitsu

on 11 August 2018

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Transcript of ESL - first class

First Date
Why to keep on studying English?
To get started...
What to expect from English Classes?
Nothing like that right!?
My turn:
Be passionate about the language;
Homework commitment;
Patience and dedication;
Do not be afraid to talk - in English
Avoid your Mothers tongue, it's beautiful, I know, but it can harm your learning now;
Talk, talk, talk in English
Solve your questions
Get in pairs and come up
with one answer about how do you picture an ESL class.
Let's Communicate!
What countries speak English currently?
English as a Lingua Franca
Jessica Tomimitsu - English Teacher
Em pares, qual é o objetivo de se apresentar uma atividade como essa?
I'd like to buy a hamburger
Does he speak good or bad English?
Write down a word in English.
Mimic it!
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