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inspiring buildings for the capital build

No description

payam edalat

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of inspiring buildings for the capital build

Inspiring Buildings For The Capital Build
Cultural Venues National Theatre Good Points large space lots of seating space Shops Cafe Activities outside activities inside exhibitions three separate auditoriums Bad points lack of lighting unattractive building the lyric needs to be different! take a modern look at things Lyric is after all a bussiness modern places are places of bussiness St Mary Axe AKA Gherkin Six years on and its still the most
modern building in london Take a creative look at things Lyric is a building where creative projects
are constantly taking place Explore the idea of themes Harrods Each department has a theme Room of Luxary Egyptian room Squash the two together and we get
a super theatre that attracts bussiness and
portrays its creative productions Burj Al Arab luxurious Creative Building the thing in the middle of the Persian Gulf However Because its man made on water, its ruining Dubai's coast line theres alot of culture in Harrods the history behind it Started with a one room store on brompton road in 1834
making only 20 pounds per week Charles Henry Harrod - special interest in tea
and wife - made preserves Now owned by the Fayed family put their cculture on display Home to Englands first escalator - 1898 Stands out from above, but fits in on the surface Accomplishment only 20 years ago Dubai was nothing but desert Now not really
cultural And the Burj Khalifa
could sink Dubai Determination Thanks for listening
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