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Assessment Flow Chart

No description

Adam Moore

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Assessment Flow Chart

Clinical Assessment Flow Chart with Qualtrics Proposed workflow
Areas of potential concern
Questions F L O W Potential client calls receptionist collect client email
explain purpose of email collection F L O W Intake session is scheduled Intake session is occurs Type of therapy is determined
Verbal permission requested to send email
Permission box is checked in CMS
Request is made to have all adult members of therapy call receptionist to give verbal permission to receive email How do we determine who gets which assessment?

What if the therapy type changes through the course of treatment? How and when does that get communicated and to whom, to make appropriate assessment selection change? F L O W client is accepted for treatment and assigned to a program, then therapist and supervisor Note: adults only receive assessments after giving verbal permission When an adult partner or family member calls to give verbal permission:

receptionist leaves an eClinic message for the Auditor
the Auditor sets the person up in Qualtrics and sends out the survey link
Some delay may occur - e.g. wife calls in initially and husband gives consent just prior to the therapy session F L O W Auditor logs into Qualtrics, adds client(s) email, Qualtrics ID for all consenting adults and for all children involved in therapy, and decides which clients receive which assessments
Surveys are emailed out... CMS will create a unique "Qualtrics ID" for each client that will be stored with the client record If an adult client never calls in, he or she will have to take the survey at the clinic.

What if clients show up 10 minutes before the session and have not filled out the survey? F L O W Therapist calls the client to schedule the first appointment therapist checks to see if the client has taken the survey
therapist encourages any adults who have not given verbal consent to call the main clinic line
therapist encourages all involved family members to take the survey home A T H O M E Client clicks link in email link is personalized for each client
once the assessment is opened, it cannot be opened by anyone else
the assessment cannot be saved (call clinic to reset) clinic Adult assessment client "signs" statement about identity
client "signs" informed consent
client takes assessment Child assessment parent opens email and signs statement about identity
client "signs" informed consent
child "signs" assent
child takes assessment A T C L I NI C Receptionist logs into Qualtrics Receptionist accesses Qualtrics page on iPad and enters client Qualtrics ID
Receptionist verifies the client name on the survey is correct
Client takes survey and returns iPad to receptionist Generally, clients should be encouraged to come at least 24 hours before their first appointment to take the assessment

It gives the therapist time to review the printed out responses Adult assessment client "signs" statement about identity
client "signs" informed consent
client takes assessment Child assessment parent opens email and signs statement about identity
client "signs" informed consent
child "signs" assent
child takes assessment F L O W Once each day... Assistant clinic secretary prints a copy of each assessment taken in the past 24 hours
Printouts are brought to the materials room for filing I N T E R S E S S I O N After each session, the therapist sends a message to the clinic staff Indicates client names and case # and that it's time for an intersession assessment
Clinic staff logs into Qualtrics and sets up each client for an intersession assessment and sends an email 2 8 D A Y S Clinic staff tracks dates assessments were given out

28 days after the first assessment administration, the clinic staff sends out the 28-day assessment How does clinic staff know when the 28 days have started?
How does clinic staff know which 28-day follow-up to give (e.g. what if the case has changed since the first assessment?)
How will clinic staff know whether any given case is already closed prior to 28 days? All assessment data for clinical purposes, will be stored in client hard copy files. There is no way to store those documents in CMS due to storage constraints Approximate time per week for Auditor: 2-3 hours??? Scenarios Single adult individual (individual)
remove relationship questions?
Married or partnered adult individual (individual)
Adult with partner (couple)
Adult with adult family member (family)
remove marital relationship questions?
Adult pre-marital (couple)
sex questions?
Adult(s) with child(ren) (family)
Child IP with parent collateral
do parents get marital questions? If a client closes the survey prior to answering all questions, the client will need to call the clinic
Receptionist will send a message to the Auditor to reset and resend the survey
Auditor will reset and resend the survey This will be anywhere between 40 and 70 sessions per week to manage
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