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How does Maori culture differ to that of the Hawaiians?

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Mia Thornton

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of How does Maori culture differ to that of the Hawaiians?

How does Maori culture differ to that of the Hawaiians?
Hawaii- Hula
The hula is the traditional dance of Hawaii, it is an expression of Hawaii's beauty, grace and spirituality. The hula is deeply rooted into the religion of the natives on Hawaii. The Hawaiian hula to many people is a performance, although it is more a sacred ritual than and entertaining performance. The movement of hips and hands all have specific meanings, most of them represent the rolling waves, although the other meaning of these actions can be related to plants,war and animals. The music that is used to accompany this dance is called 'mele'. Only instruments that are made of natural materials. The hula was a dance made primarily for the women,although in the most modern time men have started to embrace this cultural aspect of Hawaii.
Maori- Haka
The Haka is a Maori dance and is known as a war dance. it is known as a war dance because it is fierce and powerful. There are a few version of the Haka, just like the Hawaiian Hula. The most well known Haka is the "Ka Mate" or "Te Rauparaha" Haka. this is the war dance that is performed at rugby union games by the all blacks. The point of the haka is to intimidate the opponent and so how tough and fit those on the team performing it is. The haka was traditional performed before going into battle, this would be done to try and get the competitor to be intimidated or scared, it is now used for the same purpose before rugby union games. each Maori tribe would have there own haka, the haka that your tribe owned or that belonged to your tribe was always named after the leader of the tribe at that time.
The Maori Haka and the Hawaiian Hula are both a similar thing on the surface,however when research is done you notice they are very different. The Maori Haka is a war dance, it is done to intimidate and opponent. The Hawaiian Hula is very different because it is a sacred ritual, it is a demonstration of Hawaii's beauty, grace and spirituality. Another difference is the men are very well known for the Maori war dance the Haka, it is a well known feature of the Maori culture but it always is performed by the men in the tribe or community. The Hawaiian Hula is also a very well known part of the Hawaiian culture although it is most commonly performed by the women.it is only in the past 50 years that the men have embraced the Hula as a ritual that was important for them also.
Hawaii- Music
Hawaii’s music is a representation of the culture of Hawaii; it is a pot full of different cultures. It is a combination of all of the cultures that influenced Hawaii’s culture and the civilization that they have today. Hawaii’s music is another art form through which people express much worship. All of the early Hawaiian songs were religious, as was said earlier they were songs of worship for their god. Many Hawaiian songs do not sound like those that we listen to today, they are simply music that is accompanied by chanting.
Maori- Music
Maori music is a blend of all different music styles. It is a combination of many things including poetry, dance, folk music and the Maori music of today also includes many western influences, some of these western influences include soul, rock and roll and hip-hop. Traditional maori music was very different to music that we experience today. Most of the sounds were made with your mouth and the rest of the music was made using instruments, however the instruments that were used could be used if they were made completely of natural substances such as; leather, leaves and sticks/hollowed branches.
Hawaii- Artworks
Hawaiian artworks are made for multiple purposes; the two main purposes are aesthetic and functional. Another reason that artworks are made in Hawaii are for another outlet of worship. Artworks are defined as much more things than paintings and sculpture, which are the definition of art today. In that time in that civilization many thing were considered art include necklaces, rugs and blankets. One of the highest quality materials that was used in Maori artworks were ‘kapa’, kapa is made from the mulberry plant and is used to make very beautiful and expensive rugs. Hawaiian beauty is an inspiration to the Hawaiian artwork.
Hawaiian- Festivals

Four of the main festival in the Hawaiian culture include; Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, Aloha Festival, Lei Day and Kamehameha Festival. Each of these festivals has parts that are different and they also have similarities. The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival is a week-long celebration; it involves art, craft, performances, parades and showing off the culture. On average people spend a month and a half preparing for the celebration. Lei Day is the occasion that specially celebrates hula. The lei are the flower necklace that is traditional to Hawaii. The day specially includes demonstrations, exhibits and lei making contests. People are encourages to wear a lei on this day.

Maori- Festivals
The festivals that are celebrated in the Maori culture are about more natural issues. Two of there main festivals are about the harvest of crops and the consellation in June. The Harvest festival is a festival that celebrates the rising of the star Whānui. it is a celebration of the beginning of the Harvest season. the new moon festival is the celebration of the signal of the new year. it is a time when bad can be put behind and the good that is going to happen in the new year can be prayed for and celebrated.
Hawaiian- Clothing
The lauhala weave is an iconic Hawaiian clothing item, specifically the hat. For many year tourists would visit Hawaii and would buy a luahala weave hat. Today luahala is used to make rugs and mats. The Aloha shirt is a very traditional part of the Hawaiian culture. It is something that you can recognise and notice that it is from Hawaii. The loose-fitting dress that is specific to Hawaii is very traditional because they were made for the body type of the native Hawaiian women, they are worn today in the ,modern hula as oppose to the grass skirt and the coconut bra.
Hawaiian music and Maori music have similarities and they have differences; one of the differences of Hawaiian and Maori music is the incorporations of different cultures and styles, Maori and Hawaiian music did both end up incorporating different cultures into their styles of music, however the incorporation in the Maori culture did not happen until about 45 years later. A similarity of the music that was made in the Hawaiian and Maori cultures is the fact that they were both used as a system of expressing worship.
Maori- Artworks
The four primary art types of Maori art are; carving, weaving, tattooing and painting. Most artworks that were made weren’t made for a decorative purpose; they were made for the purpose of conveying and explaining spiritual issues. Every tribe varied from region to region and so did the artworks that were made in that area. Most traditional Maori are were not made completely realistic and were of a more stylised nature. The most dominate colours in the Maori art genre are red, black and white. They were used mainly and other colours like green, blue, orange and yellow only made fleeting appearances.
Maori- Clothing
In the Maori culture clothing is made from clothing materials that are as common as they are today. The materials that are used in the making of Maori clothing are; New Zealand flax, cabbage leaves, grasses, feathers and skins in specific of seals and kuri dogs. Some of the most common items that are used are with their materials in that time is things like prestige cloaks, head adornments, skirts and jewellery. Prestige cloaks and head adornments are more common among the rich.
Overall Comparison
The comparison over all is quite a difficult thing to compare because some categories that have been covered are very similar where as some are worlds apart. For example the music and artworks were quite similar in many ways. However the difference is very great between the festivals, dances and clothing. In many ways Hawaii is much more of a peaceful and holiday destination, whereas the Maori culture is revolved a lot around warfare. You see this simply in the dances, the hula is known as the national dance of Hawaii and it is known as the peaceful relaxing dance. The Maori dance is an intimidating and scary dance that is meant to scare the opponent. In my opinion this sums up the whole culture, Hawaii is based around peace and the Maori culture is based around war.
Dances; Haka and Hula
Many of the similarities of Maori and Hawaiian art include; they are not solely made for the purpose of being decorative as artworks today often are, they also used the same methods and art types. Another similarity between the artwork are rugs and weaving were one of the most popular artworks, although today neither of these kinds of artworks are truly as popular today. A difference is the colour scheme that is used, for example in Hawaiian artworks all colours are used, this is done to incorporate the beauty of the land into the artwork, in the Maori culture there are only a few colours used, these colours are black, white and red. However this is one of the categories where Maori and Hawaiian culture are similar.
The festivals that are celebrated in the Maori culture are quite different to those that are celebrated in the Hawaiian culture. In the Hawaiian culture celebrations are for fun, they are celebrating the unique things about Hawaii and the culture that they have. In the Maori culture the celebrations that occur are celebrating events that happen, times of the year, special occasions and natural wonders. The difference between the two cultures and the way they celebrate festivals is quite unique, it isn’t something that they share, and it is a very special and fun thing in different ways. Neither of these cultures don’t celebrate festivals.
The Hawaiian clothing in my opinion is a lot more advanced than the Maori clothing at the same time because the American influence that was put into Hawaii by being owned by the USA. The clothing is more of a fabric like the cotton that we have now, in the Maori culture the clothing the fabrics that are used are more like the fabric that is used to make rugs. The difference in even the style of clothing that is worn between the two cultures is different, the Maori clothing is more for the olden times and the Hawaiian clothing is more advanced.
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