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Granville T. Woods

No description

Alexis C

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Granville T. Woods

The Beginning Schooling/Making it Big R.I.P Granville T. Woods Black History Unleashed
By:Alexis Calvert My name is Granville T. Woods!
I was a historical black figure, I was an inventor and an entrepreneur! I've created wonders for the world!
I was born on April 23, 1856.
I was born in Columbus, Ohio.
I was raised by my parents Martha Woods and Tailer Woods. I have a sister named Sidney Woods. As a child i received little schooling. I was 10 years old when i started dropping out. I was a self taught person and received some home schooling. Later on in my life i attended college in new york. Although schooling wasn't a major aspect of my life, i received many occupations.
At the age of 10 i had a job at an engineer mechanic shop. I was very eager to learn! Then after a few steady years of working there i learned the ropes around being a blacksmith. But it doesn't stop there, i was also a fireman on the southern railroad of Dan ville and Nebraska. Working with all this ingenuity i soon became an Engineer! Chief in Cincinnati, Ohio Engineering! Soon i ran my own business which set the title "Inventor" and "Manufacturer" January 19, 1910 was the day of my death.I had been in New York, New York in Harlem Hospital. It was due to a stroke. Although he may be in a better place now far as the eye can see, may his legacy live on! http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_did_Granville_T_Woods_die
http://www.afrocelebrities.com/398/ My Legacy Surely Lives On! In 1969 a elementary school in Brooklyn, New York was named after me! On October 11, 1974 Gov. (at the time) John J. Gilligan of Ohio (home state) aired a proclamation in recognition of me , Granville T. Woods!
The "Black Edison"! special Qualities Contributions Granville T. Woods Video of His Creation Contributions Importance Created the trawler (known as trolly).
He invented a innovated method for converting Manhattans existing/extensive mechanical cable car system to electric traction.
Made his version of the third rail. Invented the induction of a telegraph system that allows messages to be sent between trains. This prevents life taking collisions Granville T. Woods was a hard worker. He was intelligent and definitely represented Black intelligence! Woods spent his life doing something meaningful and is a good role model! " I Believe I can Do Anything If I Just Try" Mom: Martha J. Brown First Husband: Robert Butcher 2nd Son: James Butcher (1847 after 1850) 1st Son: Morrison Butcher (1841-1897) 1st Daughter: Henrietta Butcher (1844-1901) 2nd Daughter: Anna Butcher (1849 after 1850) Martha & her children 2nd Husband: Cyrus Woods 3rd Son: Granville T. Woods (1851-19100 3rd Daughter: Racheal Woods (1853-1912) 4th Son: William Layles (1857-1901) Bibliography
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