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What are the different species of owls and how do they differ?


miranda upfold

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of What are the different species of owls and how do they differ?

What are the different species
of owls and how do they differ? Report Information Novel Book Review Narrative Melanism Fine Arts Bibliography Journal Entries 18/7/12
I've got two questions:
1. How does radiation affect our bodies and make mutations?
2. What is cloning and how could it go wrong?

They're two completely different questions and i don't know which one to do! They're definitely really awesome and interesting but, that's why it's so hard to choose! I think I might interview someone who knows a lot about science, like a science teacher. The only problem is that i don't know which one to do. I might do a survey and see what other people think. Any way, IRT is gonna be epic and I'll think a bit more on my question and I'll choose. Eventually! 11/09/12
Yay! I've almost finished everything! My presentation is next week and I'm so exited! I really didn't think I would finish. I mean, I've got to do another collage only to take pictures because I completely forgot to do it on the other ones. I'm almost finished my prezi. I've also got to give Claire a copy of my script so I can have my prezi on the day. I've also got to practice my script. Now that I think about it, I've now planned my week. I've also got to fit in my french homework and I've got two versions! I'm going to do most of my french tomorrow and do my fine arts on the weekend. I'll start it on Friday. Mrs Weir and Ms Graham have been such a great help. This will probably be my last journal entry though. Any Questions? Differences in Owls Differences Between Owls and Birds Other Thank You! Conclusion Barn Owls
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