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Critiques of Macbeth

No description

Kevin Grondin

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Critiques of Macbeth

Critiques on Religion in Macbeth
-During the 19th century, critics began classifying Macbeth as a traditional Christian poem.
Critiques on Religion in Macbeth (cont.)
Critiques of Macbeth
By Kevin Grondin
Critiques on Gender in Macbeth
-In the middle of the 20th century, critics such as Marilyn French began critiquing Shakespeare's message about gender roles
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-W.A. Murray wrote the most on this topic.
-These critics believe Shakespeare intended to write about Christian morals and ideals.
-Critics such as Jan Kott believed that Shakespeare had made no attempt to allude to religion in his play.
-The critiques involving religion began to die out by the end of the 1900s
-Critics believe Shakespeare's work shows that his time valued women as mother over anything else.
-Marilyn also says that the ending of shows men triumphing over women with Lady Macbeth dead and the witches gone.
-Some critics, such as Harold Goddard discuss the psychological meanings of the witches.

-Others believe they're symbolic of angels and devils.
Critiques on Witchcraft in Macbeth
-Most analyses agree that the witches symbolize what women become when they stop acting as they should. This also contributes to the gender roles portrayed in Macbeth as it exhibits nontraditional women as evil.
-Jan Kott, instead, asserts that Macbeth is meant to show the absurdity of the world and that the only key theme in Macbeth is simply: murder.
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